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Review for Mesopotamia

What are the 5 components of Civilization? Specialized Workers, Complex Institutions, Record Keeping, Advanced Cities, & Advanced Technology
The region of Mesopotamia that is curved in shape and has rich land is called _________________? The Fertile Crescent
Mesopotamia means ___________________? The land between 2 rivers
What 2 rivers is is Mesopotamia located between? Tigris & Euphrates
The first civilization to emerge in Mesopotamia was? Sumer
Sumerians lived in cities and the land around them called city-states. How did these city-states function? Like their own independent country
In Sumer, rulers began to pass down their right to rule to their sons. This is called a ______________? Dynasty
The process in which new ideas or products spread from one culture to another is called? Cultural Diffusion
The Sumerians were ________________, meaning that they believed in many gods. Polytheistic
The first person in history to build an empire was? Sargon of Akkad
This ruler created the 1st Babylonian Empire. But his most enduring legacy was his code of laws. Hammurabi
Hammurabi's Code had how many laws? 282
What ancient story was found in the city-state of Uruk? Epic of Gilgamesh
What group of people were known for their ship-building skills, giving us the first alphabet, and purple dye? Phoenicians
What group of people were known for their ruthless warfare tactics of spreading fear into people and also worried that if they lost a battle the end of time would happen? Assyrians
What Assyrian king bragged that he had destroyed 89 cities and 820 villages, burned Babylon, and ordered most of the inhabitants killed? Sennacherib
The capital of the Assyrian Empire was? Nineveh
Nineveh was known to have one of the ancient world's largest libraries, which had collected more than 20,000 clay tablets from the Fertile Crescent. Which king did this? Ashurbanipal
What group of people conquered the Assyrians? Chaldeans
Which Chaldean king reestablished the capital in Babylon and built the famous Hanging Gardens? Nebuchadnezzar
Created by: rgibson