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Marx Production based on production for producers, commodity fetishism, "animal produce only themselves, while men produce the whole of nature"
Kopytoff 1986 Commodity, social biography of things, where, when, who what, how, exchange + use value, value shifts, commodity to some not to others
Miller 2001 The home represents ourselves and world around us, what we fill homes with motivated by what others think, technology, sentimental stuff, home is important to study!
Hansen 1994 Salaula 2nd hand market in Lusaka, things valuable to them and Zim ppl who buy clothes for winter here
Gell 1998 Objects channel agency, hierarchy, 2ndary agents, humans have intentionality via thinking and they activate agency in things, indexes, abduction
Latour 1999 Things are sub-human actants with equal power, everything has agency/ is an agent, actor network theory
Powell 2012 Cellphone, technology, communication, tool to outside world, place importance on belongings, connections
Bordieu soc, cultural and economic capital, artistic taste and habitus determine taste, totemic order: social value underlies economic value, exchange/consumption is a form of communication
Sahlins 1964 Criticises Marx, without consumption object is not a product, production is not just for producers, but for the social relations they carry out.
Created by: jbeyers23
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