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Stack #193217

Common Surgical Suffixes

-centesis surgical puncture ex. arthr/o/centesis: puncture of a joint space with a needle to remove accumulated fluid from a joint
-clasis to break; surgical fracture ex. oste/o/clasis: surgical fracture of a bone in order to correct a deformity
-desis binding, fixation (of a bone or joint) ex. arthr/o/desis: binding together of a joint
-ectomy excision, removal ex. append/ectomy: excision of the appendix
-lysis separation; destruction; loosening ex. thromb/o/lysis: dissolution of a blood clot
-pexy fixation (of an organ) ex. mast/o/pexy: surgical fixation of the breast(s)
-plasty surgical repair ex. rhi/o/plasty: surgical repair in which the structure of the nose is changed
-rrhaphy suture ex. my/o/rrhaphy: suture of a muscle
-stomy forming an opening ex. trache/o/stomy: artificial opening through the neck into the trachea into which a breathing tube is inserted
-tome instrument to cut ex. oste/o/tome: surgical instrument for cutting through bone
-tomy incision ex. trache/o/tomy: incision through the neck into the trachea
-tripsy crushing ex. lith/o/tripsy: crushing of a stone or calculus
-gram record, writing ex. electr/o/cardi/o/gram: graphic recording of the electrical activity of the heart
-graph instrument for recording ex.cardi/o/graph: instrument used to record electrical activity of the heart
-graphy process of recording ex. angi/o/graphy: radiographic image of blood vessels after injection of a contrast medium
-meter instrument for measuring ex. pelv/i/meter: instrument for measuring the pelvis
-metry act of measuring ex. pelv/i/metry: act or process of determining the dimension of the pelvis
-scope instrument for examining ex. endo/scope: flexible or rigid instrument consisting of a tube and optical system for observing the inside of a hollow organ or cavity
-scopy visual examination ex. endo/scopy: visual examination of a cavity or canal using a specialized lighted instrument called an endoscope
-algia -dynia pain ex. neur/algia: pain occuring along the path of a nerve ex. ot/o/dynia: pain in the ear; earache
-cele hernia, swelling ex. hepat/o/cele: hernia of the liver
-ectasis dilation, expansion ex. bronchi/ectasis: abnormal dilation of one or more bronchi
-edema swelling ex. lymph/edema: swelling and accumulation of tissue fluid
-emesis vomiting ex. hyper/emesis: excessive vomiting
-emia blood condition ex. an/emia: a blood condition caused by iron deficiency or decrease in red blood cells
-gen -genesis forming, producing, origin ex. carcin/o/gen: substance or agent that causes the development or increases the incidence of cancer ex. carcin/o/genesis: the process of initiating and promoting cancer
-iasis abnormal condition (produced by something specific) ex. chol/e/lith/iasis: presence or formation of gallstones in the gallbladder or common bile duct
-itis inflammation ex. gastr/itis: inflammation of the stomach
-lith stone, calculus ex. chol/e/lith: gallstone
-malacia softening ex. chondr/o/malacia: softening of the articular cartilage, usually involving the patella
-megaly enlargement ex. cardi/o/megaly: enlargement of the heart
-oma tumor ex. neur/oma: tumor composed of nerve cells or swelling of a nerve that usually results from compression
-osis abnormal condition; increase (used primarily with blood cells) ex. cyan/osis: dark blue or purple discoloration of the skin and mucous membrane
-pathy disease ex. my/o/pathy: any disease of muscle
-penia decrease, deficiency ex. erythr/o/penia: abnormal decrease in red blood cells
-phagia eating, swallowing ex. dys/phagia: inability or difficulty in swallowing
-phasia speech ex. a/phasia: absence or impairment of speech
-phobia fear ex. hem/o/phobia: fear of blood
-plasia -plasm formation, growth ex. dys/plasia: abnormal development of cells, tissues, or organs ex. neo/plasm: a new and abnormal formation of tissue, such as a tumor or growth
-plegia paralysis ex. hemi/plegia: paralysis of one side of the body
-rrhage -rrhagia bursting (of) ex. hem/o/rrhage: loss of a large amount of blood within a short period, either externally or internally ex. men/o/rrhagia: profuse discharge of blood during menstruation
-rrhea discharge/flow ex. dia/rrhea: abnormally frequent discharge or flow of fluid fecal matter from the bowel
-rrhexis rupture ex. arteri/o/rrhexis: rupture of an artery
-spasm involuntary contraction, twitching ex. blephar/o/spasm: twitching of the eyelid
-stenosis narrowing, stricture ex. arteri/o/stenosis: abnormal narrowing of an artery
-toxic poison ex. hepat/o/toxic: toxic to the liver
-trophy nourishment, development ex. dys/trophy: abnormal condition caused by defective nutrition or metabolism
-esis condition ex. di/ur/esis: abnormal secretion of large amounts of urine
-ia condition ex. pneumon/ia: infection of the lung usually caused by bacteria, viruses, or diseases
-ism condition ex. hyper/thyroid/ism: condition characterized by overactivity of the thyroid gland
-iatry medicine, treatment ex. pod/iatry: specialty concerned with treatment and prevention of conditions of the human foot
-ician specialist ex. obstetr/ician: physician who specializes in the branch of medicine concerned with pregnancy and childbirth
-ist specialist ex. hemat/o/log/ist: physician who specializes in the treatment of disorders of blood and blood-forming tissues
-y condition, process ex. neur/o/path/y: disease of the nerves
-icle small, minute ex. ventr/icle: small cavity, as of the brain or heart
-ole small, minute ex. arteri/ole: the smallest of the arteries; minute artery
-ule small, minute ex. ven/ule: small vein continuous with a capillary
olig/o few or deficienct
dendr/o branching
encephal/o entire brain
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