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Religion terms


What is Pentecostalism? Protestants that emphasized god's supernatural intervention in everyday life and healing or speaking in tongues-Fastest growing religion
What is the invisible institution? Secret meetings for Southern Africans where they could worship without white pastors.
Who is Carter? Evangelical-political liberal-politics-religious right
What is american colonization? Free the slaves then send them back to Africa
What is common sense realism? Have the same sense of what is real, the bible is clear and can be directly applied to our modern life. Common people can read the bible accurately.
What are the two forms of Judaism? Reform (Ritual law not binding and emphasizes reason), Conservative (Entire law is binding, not much interpretation)
Who is William J. Bryan? Didn't believe in evolution being taught in schools.
Who is Clarence Darrow? thought fundamentalism and conscrictism were ceasing to exist.
What is the Fundamentalist/Modernist Controversy? Modernists don't believe in the fundamentals, but fundamentalists do although they don't expect everyone else to.
Who is Dorothy Day? Co-founded the Catholic worker about social justice and religious principles.
Who is Billy Graham? Worked with non-fundamentalists.
What was the Vatican II? Council that laid the foundation for religion today. Allowed Catholics to pray with other christian denominations and opened doors for other languages besides Latin to be used in mass.
What was the Declaration of religious freedom? Acknowledged separation of church and state. Fewer monks, nuns, and priests, and more church as a whole influence and 1965 immigration act.
What is the Human Vitae(1968)? looked at artificial birth control and kept that stand, but some catholics listened to their conscience over their church.
What is the feminine mystique? Book written by Betty Friedan which is credited for sparking the second-wave feminism.
Who is Malcolm X? Says black people need to stop asking white people for rights and go out and get them.
What is the immigration act of 1965? A set of criteria that was supposed to help determine who could immigrate to America.
Who is Jerry Falwell? Involved with religious right and said, "I am a pastor, not a politician."
What is a fundamentalists? Believe in the 5 fundamentals, but don't think others should have to.
What is a modernist? Doesn't believe in the 5 fundamentals, but sides more with reason and experience.
What is an evangelical? Believe in centrality of the conversion or "born again" experience.
What is black nationalism? Post 1965 belief that blacks should fight for religious rights.
What is the fugitive slave act of 1850? All escaped slaves were, upon capture, to be returned to their masters.
Who is William Lloyd Garrison? Says bible might be wrong.
How does Herberg define the American way of life? A spiritual structure of ideas and ideals- the common religion of America- democracy- forward looking and optimistic- progress and education
What is the difference between religious right and Evangelicalism? Religious right believes humans are ultimate authority and Evangelicals believe God is ultimate authority.
Who is pre-1965 MLK? A very religious and non-violent man who fought for black rights.
Who is post-1965 MLK? No more negotiations and starts acting and is more angry.
What caused the change in MLK? Vietnam war broke his relationship with Johnson and things for blacks weren't changing.
What is black theology? seeks to get rid of christian God and replace it with the god of black freedom and the values of it.
What is feminist theology? Believes God could be a woman and there should be more equality for women in the bible.
What is "male" or "white" theology? Doesn't recognize women or people of color and is very unequal.
What is religious right? -school prayer -Separation of Church and State -People wanted freedom to practice their own religion.
What are the two branches of Islam? sunni (90%) and shi'ite(10%)
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