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Exam Study Guide

World Geography final exam study guide

What type of physical feature describes mountains, peninsulas, and archipelagos? Landforms
Diffusion is how places are changes by interactions with others. What type of diffusion describes fashion as it moves from Paris and New York and subsequently to suburban and rural areas? Heiarchical
Give an example of some human characteristics of place. Language, religion, population, anf political systems
What type of region is based upon feelings and attitudes about a place? For example: being from "The South" Perceptual
What type of region is based on serving a specific purpose? Functional
What type of diffusion can spread as quickly as diseases? Contagious
What is the difference between climate and weather? Climate is patterns of weather over a long period of time
What type of energy comes from the sun? solar
Explain plate tectonics. Earth's crust moving and changing over time
What is the relationship between climate and latitude? Because of the Earth's tilt, lines of latitude determine a places' climate
2/3 of the world's population lives within 200-300 miles of what physical feature? Body of water
Where are most volcanoes located? Ring of Fire
Explain how people can adapt their lives to fit the physical processes around them. Constructing homes to withstand weather disasters
Greenhouse gases are found in which sphere of the Earth? Atmosphere
What is Demography? Study of the Earth's population
Which region of the world is most densely populated? East Asia(mostly China)
What is and example of and anti-natal policy? China's "One Child Policy"
Be able to explain the Demographic Transition Model. Model the shows the transition from high birth and death rates to low birth and death rates
Population Pyramids show what features? Gender and age(gender ratio)
Give an example of a push and pull factor. Push: makes you want to leave a place Pull: attracts you to a place (economic, cultural, political, environmental)
What is the permanent move from one place to another? Migration
What is the [process by which a person's language, clothing, and other cultural characteristics begin to resemble another group's culture? Assimilation(changing to fit in)
What is chain migration and an ethnic neighbourhood? Chain migration: where immigrants tend to move to areas with people they already know Ethnic Neighbourhood: what the areas are called
What is Xenophobia? Fear of foreigners
What event caused a significant wave of international migration to the United States during the 1800s? Irish Potato Famine
What is a custom? a repeated act performed by a group of people
What is a system of sounds, gestures, and vocalisation that are mutually understood within a group? Language
Define cultural convergence and give an example. When cultures come together to form a new culture; America
Define Environmental determinism. theory that the environment determines the type of culture
Define Possibilism. theory that humans have the possibility to choose what their culture is
The Rwandan Genocide is an example of what type of conflict? Ethnic conflict
What is true regarding the world's resources? most are limited, unequal distribution of all necessary resources
Define outsourcing. Manufacturing moving from More Developed Countries to Less Developed Countries
Command economies are usually found in what political systems? Communism
The extraction of raw materials from the Earth is found in what political system? Primary sector
Define Globalisation. The process in which connections around the world are increasing and cultures are becoming more alive(interdependence)
Define sustainability. The prolonged use of a resource that reduces the stress of the environment
Explain supply and demand. Businesses will only make products people want
What are the three factors of production? Land, capital, labor
What was needed for cities to develop? Surplus of food and specialized workers
Define edge cities. Smaller town or city that develops on the outskirts of the bigger city
Which urban model is organized into numerous specific areas based on function? multiple nucleai model
Which region of the world has the most significant growth of its cities? Australia
What is gentrification? A shift in an urban community toward a wealthier resident and/or business that increases property value
NAFTA is primarily what kind of cooperative effort? Economic
Dive an example of an Elongated State. Chile, Italy, Vietnam
Why is conflict widespread in Africa? European powers drew inappropriate boundaries
What do organisations such as the European Union and United Nations promote? Economic growth for the new member States
What has promoted economic and political unity among 27 neighbouring nations? European Union
Which Human Characteristic has a strong influence on how other people and places are viewed? Religion
A person who lives in Charleston, South Carolina is also a member of the United States. Example of layers of citizenship
Many countries fear the spread of popular culture because it threatens their folk culture. Which region has blocked social media, western music, and even censored television to keep western culture from entering their country? The Middle East
Most westernized societies, like France, use which economic system? mixed economy
How has Globalisation negatively impacted cities? Some people lose jobs due to outsourcing
Created by: Domi