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The Inter-War Years

Made for 10/History Brannel

Who was Adolf Hitler? Leader of Germany, Fascist
Who was Joseph Stalin? Leader of USSR (Russia), Communist
Who was Benito Mussolini? Italian dictator, Fascist
What was the Weimar Republic? Democratic government of Germany
What was the Great Depression? Severe world-wide economic crisis
What is Fascism? Political movement that focused on being loyal to the state and obedient to the leader
What is Nazism? Adolf Hitler used fascism to create this type of government based on totalitarian ideas and was used to unite Germany during the 1930s.
What is Democracy? Election based government, which was run for the people
Was is Dictator? Someone who oversees and runs every aspect of a country; often accompanied with violence
What is Isolationism? The political view that countries should not be connected to each other. Every country for itself.
What is Totalitarianism? Government control over every aspect of public and private life
What is Appeasement? The practice of giving in to an aggressor nation's demands in order to keep peace
Created by: JamesBallard