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place a specific geographic setting with distinctive physical, social, and cultural attributes
human geography the study of spatial organization of human activity and of people relationships with their environment
site the physical attributes of a location ex. terrain, vegetation
situation the location of a place relative to other places and human activities
projection systematic rendering on a flat surface on the geographic coordinates of the features found on earth's surface
cartography the body of pratical theoretical knowlegde about making distinctive visual represenations of earth's surface in the form of maps
GIS Global Info system- a st of comp. tools used to capture, store, transform, analyze and display geographic data.
GPS a set of satellites used to help determine location anywhere on the earth's surface w/a portable electronic device
absolute location the exact position of an object or place measured with in the spatial coordinates of a grid system
relative location the position of a place relative to places around it
friction of distance the deterrent or inhibiting effect of distance on human activity
distance decay the rate at which a particular activity or process diminishes wih increasing distance
topological space te connections between or connectivity of particular points in space
cognitve space measuredin terms of ppl's values, feelings, beliefs and perceptions about locations, districs, regions
complementarity a condition that exist when 2 regions through, an exchange of raw materials and/or finished products, can specifically satisfy each others demands
intervening opportunities the presence of a nearer opportunity that greatly dimishes the attractivness of sites farther away
formal region a type of region marked by a certain degree of homogeneity in one or more phenomenon
functional region a region defined by the particular set of activities or interactions that occur within it
diffusion the spatial spreading or dissemination of a culture element or some other phenomenon
hierarchal phenomenon can be diffused from one location to another without necesaril sreading to ppl or places in between
expansion phenomenon spreads b/c of the proximity of carriers or agents of change who are fixed in their location
migrant innovastion enjoys a brief but strong adoption and it spreads and losses its strngth at origin
human footprint humans altering the environment on the global scale; the influencing of mankind on earth
globalization increasing interconnectedness of diff parts of the world through common processes of economic, environ., political and cultural change
hyperglobalists they view that open markets and free trade and investments across global markets allow more ppl to share in the prosperity of a growing world economy~ globalization is good and they brlieve in neoliberal policiesex. transnational organization Micky Ds
skeptics much talk on globalization is exaggerated. they say economic integration is much less significant. they argue that national govs. are essential to regulation of international economic activity
transformationalists process is unprecedented as gov and ppl confront the absence of any clear distinction btwn global and local.dismiss idea that boundaries will go away. they say that the welth will increase and the poor will become poorer.believe world will divide in 3.
core distinctive attributes are very clear ex. think or mormons
domain dominant but not to the point of exclusivity
sphere present but not dominant ex. minority
dejure space "legally recoginzed" territories delimited by formal legally recognized boundaries ex. countries , provinces,states, counties
cultural landscapes the human modified natural landscape specifically containing the imprint of a particular culture or society
natural landscape the physical landscape or environ. tht has not been affected by human activity
symbolic landscape representations of particular values or aspiration that the builders n financiers of those landscapes want to impart to a larger public
supranational organizations the collec. of indiv. states w/a common goal tht may b economic and or political in nature such organizations diminish to some extent, indiv. state soverign in favor of the group interest ex NATO, EU
fast world ppl, places and regions directly involved as producers and consumers in transnational industry, modern telecommunication, materialistic consumption and international news and entertainment
slow world ppl, places and regions directly involved as producers and consumers in transnational industry, modern telecommunication, materialistic consumption and international news and entertainment are limited
possiblism diff enviro conditions offer both restrains and opport to ppl living in varios regions
environmenal determinism view that the natural environ has a controllin influ over various aspects of the human life, including cultural development
jihad vs. mcworld mcworld= is shorthand for the pop culture and shallowness of the west.jihad= culural values that are underpinned by religiousfundamentalism and tradition , jihad =against western views
agricultural hearths source of civilization.-sw asia=mesopotamia-egypt=nile- indus valley=india-china=huanghe-s.e asia=irawady river- andes mt.-mesoamerica=mayans-w africa=ghana
mercator map accurate=equator,direction btwn two pts. and shape of land inaccurate=distorted at poles, area, oversized landmasses
equidistant projection accurate=represent distance in one directioninaccurate= direction, area, shape,
conformal projection accurate= direcion btwn pts, shape landmassesinacurate= relative size
azimunthal projection accurate= distance from centerinaccurate= direction, area, shape
name 3 cohorts baby boomer, generation x, and net generation
isogloss geo. boundary where a parti. linguisti feature occurs
pidgin mix btwn colonial and indigenous
culture system collec. of interacting elements that shapes a group collec. identity
islaminism rejection of western ideolgy
contour lines lines that connect = points of vertical distance above or below a zero data point
chlorepleth map tonal shadngs reflect area variation in #s, frequencies or densities
natural increase difference btwn CBR and CDR
transnational workers ppl with home or work in more than one place
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