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Module 4 Essentials

Module 4 Essentials 2018-2019 (Shafer/Sheesley)

tsunami a large wave caused by an earthquake
one child policy Chinese rule to control the size of families
caste system a way that India separated its groups of people
Repression the opposition to freedom
staple crop the most important food produced or eaten in a region
arable land that can grow crops
propaganda information given out in order to influence people (often half truths)
monsoon seasonal winds that often times bring extremely heavy rains
famine a huge food shortage often caused by extended droughts
Himalayas the tallest mountains in the world
Hinduism a religion that originated in South Asia
corruption the use of power for personal gain
Buddhism a religion that developed out of the teaching of Siddhartha Gautama
caravan a group of people traveling together
outsourcing sending tasks to be done by workers outside a company
secular not religious
landlocked cut off from direct access to the ocean
command economy an economy in which the central government makes all basic economic decisions
market economy an economy where the producers and consumers make the economic decisions
party a political group
liberated to free or get freedom
silk road trade routes across Asia
overgrazing when animals eat to the point of killing the plants
Korean War war between communists and democracies in Asia during the early 1950s
Cultural Revolution violent attempt to change the way people live in communist China in the 1960s
Created by: tomsheesley