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Japan Vocab

Social Studies Chapter 20 Vocabulary

cultural diffusion How culture spread throughout one place to another.
Religion Certain beliefs of a group of people. Indians spread the idea of buddhism to the chinese and they spread it to Japan, they changed it by looking at the buddha as a magical protector.
Government How a group is ruled, Japan borrowed the idea that the chinese had of a meritocracy and they changed it by creating ranks for the government.
System of writing Kanji was spread from china to japan as their writing and they changed it to fit the pronunciations of their own words.
Art and Architecture The Japanese took the idea of chinese temples and changed them by making the temples have a worshiping hall. Their art was sculptures of the buddha changed by them by making them out of wood rather than gold or stone and making the buddha smile.
Social Structure began to be based off of merit rather than family once the idea of meritocracy was spread to japan and they innovated it to make their government have ranks.
Technology Japan began to make innovations and build buildings so they had to have made new technology on order to build things.
India gave china the idea of their architecture who spread it to japan. They also spread the idea of buddhism to the chinese who spread it to japan. also gave the idea of sculptures of the budha to korea and it spread to china who gave it to japan
china gave japan the idea of their government, literature, and city design. got the idea of their religion, sculptures, and architecture from India and they eventually gave it to japan, china gave korea the idea of writing and they gave it to japan.
Korea gave japan the ideas of sculpture and writing after china gave it to them.
Buddhism The religion that india gave to china that they spread to Japan.
meritocracy The type of government spread from china to Japan.
Prince Shikoku Empress Suiko, an aristocratic ruler of japan during mid eval times.
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