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Religion in America

The important people

Douglass Slave that doesn't support religious masters. He believes they are crueler than all other masters.
Grimke Against slavery and uses the bible to back up here claims. She mainly uses history to explain her claims.
Armstrong For slavery and uses the bible to show that slavery is not mentioned. Tries to make slavery sound better.
Stanton Doesn't think the bible is the word of God. Has a problem with how it treats women and equality.
Frothingham says hell leads to another power=God, hell=God allows horrible pain, Not rational given love and justice, hell is used to scare people
Antin Orthodox. Russian Jew. she knew there were barriers of being Jewish and hated them. Moved to America and basically became an atheist.
Heschel Conservative. Believes in obeying Jewish law entirely, and if you don't, you aren't completely giving yourself to God.
Machen Fundamentalist. Can't separate the human and the supernatural Jesus. Against Liberalist Jesus. Believes in the fully human, fully divine Jesus.
Fosdick Liberal who criticizes liberals who have no use for conservatives, but opposes fundamentalists who want to kick liberals out of churches.
Herberg Catholic-Protestant-Jew, "melting pot" that says these three religions hold value in the US and possess similar spiritual values and "the american way of life".
King Civil rights movement. Black religious rights, and says blacks should have own religion away from whites, but with equality.
Harding and Cone Christ= too American and condemns black people for their looks. Believes God is black because he takes the look of the oppressed. Uses violence to get away from white theology.
Brown Douglass Black women can see power more critically and in its entirety w/o barriers God wants equality, but it sounds like he is taking sides.
Hopkins Not having school prayer makes kids think religion is only on Sundays. Is against no school prayer.
Shaeffer 1st amendment not meant to limit christianity, but to protect it from the government
Graham God of Islam is not Christian God. God of Islam never had a son and instead asks for your sons
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