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Religion Final

Study Stack for 2015 Religion Final Questions

Holy Days of Obligation January 1st (Mary, Mother of GOD) 40 days after easter (Ascension) August 15 (Assumption of Mary) November 1(All Saints) December 8 (Immaculate Conception) December 25 (The Day Jesus Christ is born)
Theological Virtues Faith, Hope, Charity
Cardinal Virtues Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance
Seven Sacraments Baptism Reconciliation Eucharist Confirmation Matrimony Holy Orders Anointing of the sick
Council of Jerusalem determined all a person needs to be Christian is faith in Jesus and Baptism
Council of Nicea ecumenical council called in 325 by Constantine to combat the Arian heresy: Jesus was not God but a being that existed before the world was created. Began work on the Nicene Creed; confirmed Jesus's divinity.
Council of Ephesus ecumenical council called in 431 to combat the Nestorian heresy: Jesus is two persons and Mary is the mother of the human Jesus; confirmed Jesus is one divine person and Mary is the mother of God
Council of Trent stressed belief in seven sacraments; mass is christ's saving work; confirmed which books belong in the bible; defended priesthood and established seminaries; sacred scripture and tradition are a single source of God's word.
Vatican I Called by Pope Pius IX in 1864 to get confirmation on Syllabus of Errors and for relationship between church and state. 1868-1870: papal infallibility; ended in 1870-Franco-Prussian War; no definition on the relationship between the bishops and the pope.
Vatican II Called by Pope John XIII in 1962, 1962-1965: Finished by Pope Paul VI: to "open a window to let in fresh air"; Seven themes: community of believers, collegiality among bishops, liturgy, Christian unity, Scripture, sharing the faith, and laity
One - Mark of the Church describes unity of the Catholic Church; one in faith, worship, governance, and charity
Holy - Mark of the Church The Church is holy because: it was founded and redeemed by Jesus, it is guided and given life by the Holy Spirit, its members are led to be holy like God; its members participate in Christ's holy mission of saving all people
Catholic - Mark of the Church the Church is universal, worldwide, total, and for all
Apostolic - Mark of the Church The Church is rooted in the teachings of the apostles and it continues their mission.
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