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Japanese Culture

Mrs. WIlfert's class personal Japanese culture Study Stack

regent one who rules in the name of another
imperial belonging or related to the emperor
meditation a spiritual discipline that involves deep relaxation and an emptying of distracting thoughts from the mind
pagoda a tower-shaped structure with several stories and roofs
syllable a unit of sound in a word
aristrocracy a ruling class of noble families
tanka a style of Japanese poetry with the first line having 5 syllables, second having 7, third having 5, and the fourth anf fifth having 7.
kana a system of writing in Japan that uses syllables
uji clans in early Japan that were only loosely tied to the emperor
cultural diffusion the spread of different cultures into other cultures
technology innovations that were/are put into practical use
government the governing body of a country, territory, empire, etc.
religion a system of worship into a greater power, usually a god or multiple gods
social structure a social value which ranks people into different groups, or classes
art the using of imaginitive skill to make something, involves painting and music
architecture the art of making and constructing builsings
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