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elements of culture things that identify a certain culture
sheng/sho a wind instrument that was a mouth organ. designed to look likea phoenix, a mythical bird. sound imitated call of phoenix.
regent one who rules in the name of another
aristocracy a ruling class of noble familys
Shinto Japans original religion that belived in puryifing whats unclean. love and respect for nature
Buddhism the religion that sees life as pain and suffering and nirvana.
meditation a spiritual discipline that involves deep relaxation and an emptying of distracting thoughts from the mind
syllable a unit of sound in a word; for example, unit has two syllables, "u" and "nit"
pagodas a tower-shaped structure with several stories and roofs
Japan a country located of the coast of the Korean penuislula. parliamentary system of government like Britain and Canada.
Cultural Diffusion how a culture spreads
Social Structrure rankings of people in a society
System of Writing way a region writes
Art and Architecture human creations intended to express beauty and convey messages. the art of designing buildings
Technology similar to invention and innovation.
Relgion the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
Government a way a region is run
uji semi-independent clans
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