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1A Question of Faith

The section that examines the challenges to religious faith

What does BCE stand for? Before Common Era
What is fundamentalism? A literal interpretation of sacred scripture
A____________________ is the view that people cannot know for certain whether or not God exists. Agnosticism
Science explains h_______ the world was made. How
Religion explains w______ the world was made. Why
__________________ is the view that organised religion should have no direct influence on society. Secularism
The I___________________ is the Christian belief that in Jesus, God became a human being. Incarnation
A W____________ V___________ affects the way a religion sees the different aspects of the world. World View
Define Polytheism. Is the belief in more than one God.
Define Monotheism. Is the belief in one God
What do Humanists believe about God and religion? Humanist believe that there is no God or gods and the greatest power is to be found in human beings.
There are three Stages of Faith in a persons’ life; C___________________, Adolescent and M________________. Childhood, Adolescent and Mature
Give two examples of how other human beings can fill us with a sense of awe and wonder? Natural World, Universe and Human Beings
What is Religious belief? Means the things that we believe to be true about God and the faith we belong to.
The S____________ V_______________ Council was a meeting of 2,600 bishop in Rome from 1962-1965. Second Vatican
According to the book there are six influences to our religious belief and practice, name four. Family, Peers, School, Media, State & Religion
Name two images of God from nature. A protecting shepherd & a rock
What is Religion Practice? Is how we show our religious beliefs. It means that we put into practice in our lives all that we believe.
C___________ is the story of how the world began. Creation
What denies the existence of God? Atheism
To believe in God even if we cannot see it is know as f___________. Faith
What is a Schism? A disagreement or split within a religion.
What are the reasons for drop in vocations? Education, Employment, Materialism & Public Opinion
A conversation with God, whether in a formal or an informal setting is known as what? Prayer
What is Materialism? Is the belief that the only real things in life are things we can see, smell and feel.
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