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History 103 Exam 3

Questions from Exam 3 Study Guide

What was the source of the Byzantine wealth? Trade. The Byzantine's taxed both sea and land trade and became one of the wealthiest empires in the world.
What was the Great Schism Separation of the Christian Church into the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.
What were important features of Byzantine art? Mosaic style with use of gold and precious stones and religious imagery
How did the Byzantines influence the west? Retained information and technology from the Roman Empire, and spread education, skilled artistry, and organization.
How did feudalism work? Everyone had their role. Peasants work the fields, knights protect the land and serve the lords, lords provide the land and serve the king, king provides protection and structure for all kingdom.
Why were the Vikings so feared? They didn't share Christian religion or morals and were fierce warriors who killed and plundered Europe with little warning.
What was the importance of monasteries? They provided protection and a safe haven, as well as preserving knowledge, writings, and religious texts.
Created by: darlaradford