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A contributing factor to the cause of WWII The Treaty of Versailles
Germany's main objective for waging war To gain back what was rightfully theirs (what had been taken away after WWI)
US Presidents during WWII Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Powers United States, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union
Joseph Stalin U.S.S.R
Three types of totalitarian regimes Communist Dictatorship, Military Dictatorship, Fascist Dictatorship
Agreement between Hitler and Stalin which stated that Germany could keep half of Poland; in exchange, Germany would stay out of Russia Nonaggression Pact
September 1, 1939 Germany invades Poland
This 1944 invasion of beaches along the French coast by the Allied forces is also known as _______. D-Day
The 2 main theaters in WWII European and Pacific
Germany's first military failure The Battle of Britain
The event which prompted the United States to enter WWII Bombing of Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor
Prime Minister of Britain during WWII Winston Churchill
Germany's air force luftwaffe
Code name for the development of the atomic bomb Manhattan Project
Famous WWII Propaganda Poster titled "We Can Do It!" features which fictional woman? Rosie the Riviter
What years was the United States involved in WWII? 1941-1945
Planned the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Hideko Tojo
The Treaty of Versailles specified that Germany would be required to pay war __________. Reparations
"Desperate ___________ turn to desperate ______." people; leaders
Practice of placing blame on others Scapegoating
Practice of ignoring problems/conflict that may be occurring in other areas of the world is called ______ Isolationism
Annexed (taken over) by Hitler in 1938 without a fight Austria
The tank most used by the Americans and the British during WWII The Sherman Tank
The Navajo Code Talkers were used by which military branch? The Marine Corps
The 2 main areas where the fighting occurred during the war are called theaters. What are the specific theater names? European Theater and Pacific Theater
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