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MDA130 final

What are dilators used for? Progressively Open an oriface
Specula? Widen body openings
Needle drivers Sutures
Operating scissors Cutting tissue
Scopes View inside hollow openings
Forceps Grasping things
Retractors Hold open tissue
Curved scissors Cutting superficial tissue
Hemostats Hemostasis, grasping and pulling
Muslin wrap Packaging instruments for autoclave process
Autoclave tape Shows exposure to heat and steam
Sterilization indicators Shows that the pressure and heat hit the inside of the pack
Culture test Indicates the presence of bacteria
Clear wound drainage Serous
Red wound drainage Sanguiness
Pusy wound drainage Purulent
Surgical asepsis is used for? Using sterile technique
Healing by primary intention results in? Minimal scarring
What does a probe do? Search for a foreign body in a wound, measure the size of a wound
Common fracture in children Greenstick
What is a thum forcep
Created by: Kbowers