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7th Bible Final

Who wrote Ecclesiastes? Solomon
How many books is Psalms divided into? 5
Who accused Job of sin? Zophar/his friends
What is the theme of Esther? Trusting in God and His plan for her
Who was thrown into the blazing furnace? Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo
Who touched the coal to Isaiah's lips in his dream? The seraphim angel
What is the main topic of Proverbs? Wisdom
What did Solomon ask God for when God said he could ask for anything? Wisdom
List the ten plagues. Blood, frogs, bugs, wild animals, death of cattle, boils, hail, locust, darkness, angel of death.
A collection of wise sayings most of which were written by Solomon. Proverbs.
Israel's cycle of sin, slavery, sorrow, salvation. Judges.
Tells about Israelites being counted in wilderness. Numbers.
Book that morns over Jerusalem and compares her to a widow and a slave. Lamentations.
Poems or songs used as praise and worship to the Lord. Psalms.
Song about love in marriage. Song of Solomon/Song of Songs.
Story of Jewish woman who became queen of Persia. Esther.
Tells about division of Israel into two kingdoms. 1 & 2 Kings.
Book about David's life. 1 Chronicles.
Repeats and explains Law. Deuteronomy.
Prophet who acted out the prophecies. Ezekiel.
Book of beginnings. Genesis.
Tells story of little boy to whom God spoke. 1 Samuel.
Tells about Israel's conquest of Promise Land. Joshua.
Tells story of how Israelites left Egypt. Exodus.
Prophet who witnessed and wept over the fall of Jerusalem. Jeremiah.
Life is meaningless unless we fear and obey God. Ecclesiastes.
Tells how the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt after exile. Nehemiah.
The story of a man who lost everything and was trusted by God. Job.
The story of woman who married Boaz. Ruth.
A books that contains many messianic prophecies. Isaiah.
Gives instructions for the priests in guiding Israel's worship. Leviticus.
Contains story of vision given of to King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel.
Begins with genealogies parallels some stories in 2 Samuel and 1 & 2 Kings. 2 Chronicles.
Tells about Jews returning to Jerusalem and the building of the temple under Zerubabble. Ezra.
Created by: caroline_gallo
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