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Medieval History REV

Final Exam Review

Who issued the Edict of Milan in 313CE, which granted official tolerance of religion? Constantine
What was Pax Romana? Roman Peace
What kind of religion was Judaism? Monotheism
Who split the Roman Empire into two major parts in 284AD because it could be ruled more effectively that way? Diocletian
What is it called when a society deliberately destroys religious icons or monuments? Iconoclasm
What was the capital of the Byzantine Empire? Constantinople
What Frankish king was responsible for the conversion of his people to Christianity? Clovis
Who is the head of the Roman Catholic Church? The Pope
What do we call the rituals that became associated with the teachings of Jesus, and became an important part of the Catholic Church? Sacraments (7 in the Roman Catholic Church)
What was the Babylonian Captivity? A 70 year period where the Papal residency was moved from Rome to Avignon, France
What kind of architecture was characterized by flying buttresses, thin walls, and arches? Gothic
What does it mean to write in the vernacular? The common language of the people
What was the subject of Erasmus’s In Praise of Folly? Critical of the Catholic Church's use of ritual and relics
What were indulgences? Official documents issued by the Catholic Church that offered forgiveness of sins and a way to avoid Purgatory
Created by: jeffrey.rhyne