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Medieval Japan


Cultural Diffusion Spreading of culture; borrowing innovations, inventions, religion, or ideas from another place
Religion Beliefs of a particular group, usually involving in a higher power or god
Government A system of order for an area; a way of controlling the flow of money Ex. Direct Democracy
System of Writing Symbols that match up to syllables or numbers Ex. Kanji, Alphabet
Art and Architecture Art~ A way of creatively expressing beliefs or ideas; often using pencils, paint, or clay Architecture~ Orgainiztion of a city; the end result of a construction project, whether it is a house or other monument/building
Social Structure A way of organizing the people of a religion or country; often has 'tiers' that each depict a different rank, higher ranks have more privilege/power
Technology A new idea; inventions and innovations Ex. Wheel
The Buddha "The Enlightened One" Siddhartha Guatama, who discovered the Path to Enlightenment by following the Eightfold Path
Pagoda A building of worship; often with three, five, seven, or nine roofs; tiers of roofs
Tanka Japanese poetry; often spotlighting nature or wildlife; uses five, seven, five, and seven syllables per line
Kana "Borrowed Letters" A simplified version of Chinese kanji, often used in Japanese writing
Meditation A spiritual practice that involves relaxation and emptying of the mind of thoughts
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