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Escape From Sobibor

Leon He kept his people together with encouragement.
Naiomi She beat Wagner at his own game.
Chaim He volunteered his help and killed Sgt. Beckman in his office.
Bajle She taught Shlomo how to dance.
Toivi He once served food to the Nazi SS.
Kapo Berlinner He was the 1st man killed in the escape plan.
Luca She loved Sasha.
Four o'clock The time the killings would begin.
Toivi Messenger
Eda She encouraged Itshak with soup and comforting words.
Shlomo He was passionate about getting revenge.
Sasha He was a Russian soldier who had compassion for his fellow Jewish inmates at the camp.
Kapo Porcheck Because of him, the inmates were able to have access to restricted areas around the camp.
Moses He was most likely the youngest member in the camp.
Herschal He killed the SS officer who had beaten him using a butcher knife from the kitchen.
Sgt. Wagner SS who had the 26 executed.
Ester She testified against war criminals.
Sgt. Bauer SS who operated the gas chamber.
Sgt. Frenzl The one SS present at the camp that was not killed by the prisoners on the day of the escape.
Over 250,000 The number of Jews killed at Sobibor
Sorting through clothes The way Leon found out that his wife and child were dead.
"The fire is their funeral." The words said to Itshak to tell him that his wife and child were dead.
Kapo Porchek It was planned for him to be the one to lead the 600 prisoners out of the front gate.
The front gate Escape would be from here.
Knives and axes The main types of weapons the prisoners had with which to kill the guards and the SS.
Kapo Berlinner Mean kapo who favored beating the inmates with his whip.
Judah Sounded the bugle to signal roll call.
At the sound of the bugle for roll call The time at which the power and telephone lines were to be cut.
Shlomo Stole rifles and ammunition from the Ukrainian barracks.
Toivi The only remaining survivor from the Sobibor revolt/escape (still alive as of May 2015).
Blood on the door The reason Sgt. Frenzl discovered Sgt. Beckman's body.
Samuel Shot just before making it to the woods.
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