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MWH Review Part 3

Summerville High School MWH

Humanism school of thought that examined the works of ancient Greece and Rome and emphasized the important of humans and their values (as opposed to scholasticism or following the teachings of the Catholic Church)
Francesco Petrarch Father of Humanism
Renaissance period of rebirth in art and learning in Europe.
Why did the renaissance start in Italy? good location for trade, which made merchants and bankers rich. This allowed them to spend money on art and literature.
Martin Luther Catholic theologian and founder of the Protestant Reformation. Lutheranism protested corruption in church
indulgences sale of the forgiveness of sins
Simony Sale of church offices
What happened to Martin Luther? He was excommunicated.
How did early religious wars end in the HRE? These early wars ended with the Peace of Augsburg.
Peace of Augsburg allowed each prince to choose between the Lutheran and Catholic faiths.
English Reformation started by Henry VIII because wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon (daughter of the King and Queen of Spain) because she could not give him a male son. The pope refused his request.
What effect did establishment of the Church of England (Anglican Church)have? Gave Henry VIII more political control since he no longer sent money to the pope in Rome.
What led to the Scientific Revolution? people were studying the stars looking for better ways to make maps and calendars.
Galileo created a telescope, and supported the heliocentric theory (sun centered universe).
What happened when Galileo challenged the Catholic Church's belief in the geocentric theory? He was charged with heresy and tried by the inquisition. He was placed on house arrest for the rest of his life.
Abolitionism movement to end the slave trade and slavery.
Adam Smith Father of capitalism
Capitalism emphasized eliminating limits on business and trade which helps a nation’s economy grow.
laissez-faire government which keeps its hands off the economy.
Adam Smith's book Wealth of Nations.
Karl Marx's book Communist Manifesto
Socialism economic principle where the state redistributes the wealth of society in an equitable way according to the groups in charge.
Liberalism wanted power for elected legislatures, consisted of middle-class merchants and business people, and wanted to limit voting rights to people who were educated and owned property.
Conservatives wanted little change in power structure, consisted of nobles, large landowners, monarchs, and the clergy.
Nationalists wanted people with a common language and culture to have their own government and territory.
Declaration of Independence 1776 document based on Enlightenment ideas.
John Locke believed that the people should hold power.government protects the rights of people or should be overthrown.
natural rights life, liberty, and property
Created by: amygilstrap7