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Mod 6 Med terms

Ch. 11 Eyes and Ears

myring / o Tympanic membrane, eardrum
opt / o Eye, seeing
ot / o Ear, hearing
scler / o sclera, white part of eye
iritis Most common uvetitis, inflammation of the uvea that affects primary structures in the front of the eye. Sudden on-set, lasts 6-8 weeks.
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU each eye
AU both eyes
ophthalmologist Dr, diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of eye diseases and disorders
optomotrist Dr, NO SURGERY, diagnoses eye conditions, measures accuracy of vision, prescribes lenses, etc
blepharoptosis AKA - ptosis, dropping upper eyelid
conjunctivitis AKA - pink eye, inflammation of conjunctiva
keratitis Inflammation of the cornea due to bacterial, viral, or fungal infection.
scleritis Inflammation of the sclera
photopsia presence of "flashers" caused by damage or migraines
nyctalopia Night blindness
presbyopia Common changes of eyes associated with aging.
strabismus Disorder where eyes point in different directions
hyperopia AKA - Farsightedness, light rays focus beyond the retina
myopia AKA - Nearsightedness, light rays focus in front of the retina
iridectomy Surgical removal of portion of the iris, used to treat closed-angle glaucoma
otitis Any inflammation of the ear
otorrhagia Bleeding from the ear
otitis media AKA - Ear Infection, Inflammation of the middle ear
otosclerosis ankylosis (fusing together) of bones of the middle ear, causes conductive hearing loss
mastoidectomy Surgical removal of the mastoid cells, treats mastoiditis
myringotomy Small, surgical incision in eardrum to relieve pressure or to place tubes
glaucoma Group of diseases characterized by increased intraocular pressure that causes damage to retinal nerve fibers and the optic nerve
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