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MWH Review Part 2

Summerville High School MWH

development of European nation-states Developed strong armies and bureaucracies,Levied taxes to support wars,Established definite geographic boundaries
Characteristics of a nation-state Rules over people with a common culture,Had definite political boundaries,Acknowledged a ruler who was either absolute or a parliamentary monarchy,Developed powerful colonies
Cause of Hundred Years War England claimed throne of France, English king had land in France, and rights to the throne.
Result of Hundred Years War England won most of the battles, but lost the war. War led to the development of nation states.
Joan of Arc French peasant girl, called by God to lead the French.
Why Joan of Arc is important provided inspiration for the French during the Hundred Years’ War,led the French to victory at Orleans.
Joan's end captured by the English and tried for witchcraft. (became a martyr)
Holy Roman Empire located primarily in present day Germany.
HRE expansion through marriage and inheritance
HRE government elected its Emperors but power was not centralized, not holy, not Roman, not and empire, collection of city-states. (a prince ruled each city-state)
Crusades - Religious motive To gain control of the Holy land. (religious)
Crusades -political motives opportunity to get rid of quarrelsome knights who fought each other and expand European power
Crusades - social motives Younger sons would not inherit property so the crusades were a chance to find land.
Crusades - economic motives Merchants profited by making cash loans to finance the journey.
Prince Henry (Portugal)the navigator starts a school for sea captains, mapmakers (cartography), navigators, and ship builders exchanged ideas.
Effects of Exploration spread Christianity, allowed the accumulation of gold and silver, and glorified the explorers.
Motives for exploration God, Gold and Glory
Effects on Native Americans Diseases devastated (killed) Native American people making Europeans turn to the African slave trade for its labor.
Hernando Cortes defeated the Aztec Empire in Mexico, used weapons (guns, cannons, and diseases) to weaken the native populations.
Francisco Pizarro conquered the Incan Empire in South America.
First permanent English settlement Jamestown
Jamestown's cash crop raised tobacco as a cash crop and sold it in Europe.
The French and Indian War (The American colonies and British against the French and their Indian allies) was part of Seven Years’ War
Results of the French and Indian War Britain and the American colonies win and takes Canada and all French territory east of the Mississippi River.
British East India Company (a private joint stock company) was organized to control trade.
Power of the British east India Company could to raise their own armies, coin their own money, and establish trade treaties.
Created by: amygilstrap7