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A & P

GI Unit

Mastication Chewing
Defecation Bowel Movement
Peristalsis Involuntary wave like motion
Deglutition Swallowing
Feces/Stool Waste
Colon Large Intestine
Bolus What we swallow (chewed up food)
Describe the 3 major functions of the GI system Digestion, Absorption, Elimination
Where does digestion begin? Mouth
What is Ptyalin? Chemical in saliva
Which structure starts the beginning of the GI tract? Mouth
The Salivary Glands Parotid, Sub-lingual, Sub-mandibular
What are papillae? Taste Buds
Where are the hard and soft palate? Roof of mouth, front and back
What structure originates from the soft palet? Uvula
What structure connects the pharynx to the stomach? Esophagus
By what process is food moved through the esophagus? Parastalsis
Name the mucous membrane folds lining the stomach? Rugae
What structure is named the pharynx? Throat
Name the structure that the bolus passes through on its way to the stomach Cardiac Sphincter
What are the 3 divisions of the stomach? Fundus, Body, Pylorus
Where is the pyloric sphincter? divides pylorus and duodenum. Allows movement from stomach into small intestines.
What is the name of the substance that is present in the stomach once food is broken down to the proper consistency? Chyme
What are pepsin & HCL and gastric? Gastric juices
What organ are pepsin, HCL and gastric juices excreted into? Stomach
What are the parts of the small intestines? Duodenum, jejunum, Ileum
What is the main function of the small intestines? absorption of nutrients
What are villi? finger like projections that line the small intestines
once food is adequately digested, it leave the stomach through what structure and enters what structure? pyloric sphincter - duodenum
the food substance leaves the small intestine through what structure ? Ileo-cecal valve
What are the parts of the large intestines? Cecum, Colon, Sigmoid, Rectum
What organ manufactures bile? Liver
What organ stores and concentrates Bile? Gallbladder
What is the function of Bile? Digest fat
Name the pancreatic enzymes, what is their functions? Amylase - digest carbs Lipase - digest fats Trypsin - digest proteins
Through which duct do bile and pancreatic enzyme travel through to be excreted? Common Bile Duct
Into which organ does the common bile duct carry the bile and enzymes? duodenum
What lines the entire GI tract? mucous membranes
Where is the appendix located? off of the cecum
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