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Ch.15 Sec.1/2/3/4

Kristian Mangaccat

Who was a devout Christian? Charlemagne.
What did Charlemagne's advisers do? They were members of the clergy.
What is the clergy made up of? Priests and Monks.
Where do Priests and Monks serve their lives? At the church.
What happened when Pope Leo III was threatened? Charlemagne protected him.
When Charlemagne protected Pope Leo III, what did Pope Leo III award him? He made him a emperor in a special coronation.
What happened during the Viking expansion? Raiders called the Normans.
Who is William the Conqueror? The Norman Leader.
Who promised the English crown to Harold Godwin? Edward the Confessor and the Anglo Saxon king.
Who introduced a strong feudal system in England? William the Conqueror
What did the Norman kings of England depend on? Their barons for money and soldiers.
What happened in 1199? King John was crowned.
By 1204, what happened to John? He had lost control over his French lands.
How many Crusades did the Europeans launch? They launched 3 more Crusades.
List the 3 items the villagers returned home with. Spices, silk, and other rare goods.
During 1290 and 1306 what happened? 1290, Christians were forced to leave England and in 1306 they left France.
How many Crusades were there? There were four Crusades.
What were Spanish Muslims known as? Moors.
What was Europe's largest city? The Muslim capital of Córdoba.
What did the Qur'an encourage? Tolerance, as old three religions worshiped one God.
Who outnumbered who? Christians outnumbered don't Muslims.
What did not Non-Muslims had to do? They had to follow certain rules and pay taxes.
Why was Isabella and Ferdinand's marriage important? Because, it United Spain's largest kingdoms.
What did Isabella and Ferdinand bring in? A Dominican monk named Torquemada.
Created by: kristian21