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Chapter 15

Karina Nunez

Who was the head of the church? The Pope
What title did Charlemagne want? The Emperor
Why did Charlemagne want that title? It gave a special relationship with God, according to Roman belief
Who did Charlemagne support? Pope Leo III
Who did Pope Leo III crown? Charlemagne
Who put forth a list of rules, declaring much authority? Pope Gregory VII
Who lead each side on the battle of Hastings? William Duke of Normandy and Harold Godwin
Who was crowned king before the battle of Hastings? Harold Godwin
Who won in the battle of Hastings? William the conqueror
What did William introduce in England? A strong Feudal system
What was the Magna Carta? A document limiting the king's power
What did the barons make King John sign? The Magna Carta
What two houses is the law-making body divided into? House of Nobles and of Commons
What opportunity did Pope Urban II see for himself fin calling for the Crusades? claim authority over all Christendom
What was the inquisition? A court designed to investigate and Judge heretics
What were countries in Europe that expelled Jews in the middle ages? England and France
What idea did Pope Urban link with Holy war? Pilgramige
What would happen if they would not convert? Often killed, fined, attacked, exiled, or forced to leave
Who was tolerant of Juiasm and Christianity? Early Moorish rulers
Why were they tolerant? They're holy book encouraged it, they all believed in one God
Why was the marriage of Isabella and Ferdinand important? United Spain's Largest kingdoms
What was the effect of civil war? Córdoba caliphite split up into smaller and weaker kingdoms
What was the movement to drive the Muslims out of Spain called? The reconquista, meaning reconquest
What happened year 1139? Portugal became a separate kingdom
Created by: KarinaN1