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WH mod C 18 Cold War

1. What was the name of the assistance plan the United States offered Europe? 2. Marshall Plan
3. What was Truman’s response to the possible spread of Communism? 4. A policy of Containment
5. How did the U.S. respond to the Berlin Blockade? 6. Berlin Airlift
7. How did the communists respond to embarrassing outmigration to West Berlin? 8. Berlin Wall
9. What organization increased economic growth in Western Europe by ending tariffs? 10. European Coal and Steel Community
11. What defensive alliance was established by the United States with its Western Allies? 12. NATO
13. What defensive alliance was established by the Soviet Union with its Communist satellites? 14. Warsaw Pact
15. What kind of government was installed in Japan after World War II? 16. A parliamentary democracy
17. Who won the Chinese Civil War? 18. Communists
19. Where did the Chinese Nationalists maintain control? 20. Taiwan
21. What nation sent in hundreds of thousands of troops to help the North Koreans against the United States and its allies? 22. China
23. What two sweeping reform movements are identified with Mao Zedong? 24. Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution
25. What was Mao thinking when he created agricultural communes? 26. He argued it would be more efficient
27. What did the Viet Cong focus on? 28. Overthrowing South Vietnam’s government
29. Why was the Tet Offensive a victory for North Vietnam even though it was defeated by a military standpoint? 30. It turned public opinion against fighting in Vietnam.
31. What communist group took over Cambodia in the 1970s? 32. Khmer Rouge
33. What despicable act did the Khmer Rouge engage in while controlling Cambodia? 34. Genocide
35. The fear of communism infiltrating the United States after World War II is called: 36. The Red Scare
37. The American strategic approach in the 1970s of focusing on diplomacy to restrain the Soviets is called: 38. Détente
39. Why did the United States decide to establish diplomatic relations with China in the 1970s? 40. To pit China against the Soviet Union
41. What made the Post-World War II Arms Race so scary? 42. The weapons were atomic, more powerful than ever before
43. What was the purpose of the SALT talks and the START treaty? 44. Limit nuclear weapons
45. How did Fidel Castro fail to live up to the promises made in the Cuban Revolution? 46. He limited political freedoms
47. Why did the U.S. push so hard during the Cuban Missile Crisis? 48. Cuba is close to Florida
49. What is sometimes called the Soviet Union’s “Vietnam”? 50. Afghanistan war
51. What was Gorbachev’s economic reform plan called? 52. Perestroika
53. What was a result of Gorbachev’s economic reform plan? 54. Increasing shortages and prices
55. What was Gorbachev’s political reform called (clue: Openness in English)? 56. Glasnost
57. How did East German communist leaders resist Gorbachev’s reforms? 58. Banned Soviet publications
59. What ultimately happened to East and West Germany after the Soviet collapse? 60. They merged.
61. What happened to Czechoslovakia after the Soviet Collapse? 62. It peacefully split along ethnic lines; Czech and Slovak.
63. What was Martin Luther King’s goal? 64. Equal rights for all Americans
65. What do we call the movement of Americans from cities to neighborhoods just outside of the cities? 66. Suburbanization
Created by: Mr McNair