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MWH Cold War Asia

Summerville High School MWH

Where were North Korea and South Korea split? 38th parallel
Which side did the Soviet Union and China support? North Korea
Which side did the USA support? South Korea
How did the Korean conflict end? Troops withdrew to either side of the 38th parallel, cease fire
Why did South Korea continue to grow? They had a capitalist economy, a democratic government and stability
Who drove the French out of Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh
Define the domino theory? The concept that if one country falls to communism, the neighboring countries would fall to communism too.
Who were the Vietcong? Communist rebels in South Vietnam who were supported by North Vietnam
What was Nixon’s plan for Vietnam? vietnamization
What is Vietnamization? Gradual pull out of American troops, achieved by training Vietnamese troops to protect themselves.
Who were Khmer Rouge? Communist rebels who set up a brutal government in Cambodia.
How many people did the Khmer Rouse kill? Killed over 2 million people.
What two south east Asian nations did Communists gain power in? Vietnam and Cambodia
Created by: amygilstrap7