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Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Sections 1-4

Why was the time period right for the Northern Renaissance to begin? The bubonic plague and the 100 years war ended which allowed people to focus on everyday life.
What did Northern European artists focus on in their paintings? Religious and everyday life subject matters.
What did Northern Renaissance writers write about? The reform of society and the church. Education and the Greek/Roman knowledge.
Why was the printing press an important achievement? Faster and more efficient.Could print out many books at once rather than waiting for it to be written.
How was the Northern Renaissance different than the Renaissance in Italy? The focus was on both secular issues and the reform of both education and religion.
When did John Wycliffe and Jan Hus on Bohemia advocate the church reform? Late 1300's-early 1400's.
Who is Martin Luther? A monk and teacher that wanted to be a good christian, not a religious revolution.
When did Luther decide to take a public stand against indulgences? 1517
What was the selling of indulgences? The buying of the sins, so the actual sinners could reach heaven.
What did Martin Luther write? 95 Thesis'.
What was the Pope's threat? Church officials viewed Luther simply as a rebellious monk who needed to be punished.
What happened in 1520? Pope Leo X issued a decree threatening Luther with excommunication.
What is a Lutheran? A separate religious group.
What happened during the Peasants revolt? A 1,000 people died. Many peasants started to regect Luther's religious leadership.
In 1509 who became the king of England? Henry the 8th.
Who wrote the attack on Luther's ideas? When? Henry the 8th in 1521.
In 1536 who published the, "Institutes of the Christian religion." John Calvin.
What is a predestination? A doctrine. "Elect," only a few people saved before hand.
What happened in 1541? Protestants in Geneva, Switzerland asked Calvin to lead their land.
What is the definition of Anabaptist's? Anabaptist's are people that should be baptized again as an adult.
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