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Chpt 17

What does Renaissance mean? the rebirth or revival of art and learning from 1300-1600 AD. people were excited about learning again
What was the philosophy of the Renaissance? Humanism
What does secular mean? worldly, everyday life, not so much religion
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy. wealthy merchant class classical heritage thriving in trade
what would be a renaissance man or woman? what would be a renaissance man or woman?
What were Italian humanists interested in? Italian humanists were very interested in reviving classical languages and classical texts.
Who were the best known Christian humanists? The best known of the Christian humanists were Desiderius Erasmus of Holland and Thomas More of England. The two were close friends.
Thomas More tried to show off a better society. What book did he write? Utopia
Why was the printing press such a important development? It allowed people to create hundreds of books faster.
List two changes of art during the renaissance period. Art: - Writers began to use vernacular languages to express their ideas. - The arts praised individual achievement.
List two changes of society during the renaissance period. Society: - Printing changed society by making more information available and inexpensive enough for society at large. - Printing changed society by making more information available and inexpensive enough for society at large.
What are the four causes of the Renaissance? Social, Economic, Political, and Religious.
What was one of Luther's teachings? People could win salvation only by faith in God’s gift of forgiveness. The Church taught that faith and “good works” were needed for salvation.
Was Luther excommunicated or interdicted? he was excommunicated.
How many husbands did King Henry have? 6
What was the legacy of the Renaissance? perspective painting greek and roman knowledge printing press changed society led to questioning of things and how they work
Who controlled both the economics and politics of the wealthy merchant class The Medici Family
what was the great schism? division in the church
What was predestination? It has already been decided where you would go after death.
T or F, People focused on life rather than religion and looked for a balance in their lives. t
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