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Chapter 17 Test

When did the Renaissance begin? 1300-1600 AD
What was the Renaissance? Revival of art and learning; Rediscovery of Greek and Roman knowledge
What is humanism? Renaissance intellectual movement focused on human potential and achievements.
What was secular? concerned with worldly rather than spiritual matters.
What is a patron? people who supports artists, especially financially.
Why was Florence considered the "flower" of the Italian Renaissance? Was considered the "flower" because it was the richest as trading flourished as did the production of goods
What do they mean by "flower"? Flower meaning blossoming, growth and beauty.
The Medici Family was the most influential family during the Renaissance. How? Banking thrived and political plotting grew simultaneously; several families fought for control and the Medici's won; made a huge fortune in trading and banking
Explain the contribution of Lorenzo the Magnificent. Was probably the richest man i Florence; Renaissance ruler; man of great talents and many abilities; also very ruthless rulers and cunning; due to his influence, his son became cardinal of the Church at 14
Created by: mramirezmarin