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1st and 2nd-EOC

Greek culture started the first _______societies in their culture. democracy
Greece was a land of large ______that separated other cities and towns from each other. mountains
Greece towns did lots of trading with other cultures, by _______. sailing the seas
Both Spartans and Athenians were enemies and did not share anything in common, except______________________. the land they lived on and their Greek culture
What do they call democracy used in a small towns? Direct Democracy
What do they call democracy used in large cities? Representative Democracy
Siddhartha meditated daily, but failed several times in his journey to purity, he finally achieved it in Bodh Gaya, what was it_________? Enlightenment
In the town of______, he was meditating under a tree and achieved enlightenment or state of pure goodness. Bodh Gaya
What name was Siddhartha given in which is was known in Buddhism? The Buddha
Buddhism is based on what truths about human suffering? Four Noble Truths
What path is way of living, thinking, and being that can help a follower of Buddhism find relief from suffering? Eightfold Path
The Roman Empire established a _______ government. Republic
What is a Republic? The citizens have the right to vote or choose their leaders.
The people of Rome elected elected who as leaders to represent them in government? Representatives
The Roman governing body or group of elected representatives is called the_________. Senate
___________was established during the Roman Empire. Christianity
A man name ____started the religion of Christianity, the worship of________________. JESUS, one GOD
Christianity is a branch off from what other religion ___________- also another one “GOD” religion. Judaism
The birth of Islam was started by an Arabian prophet named __. Muhammad
Muhammad's religion of Islam was written in a book that is called what? Quran (Koran)
Muhammad taught that there is only ____and that he (Muhammad) was his prophet. one god
Believers and worshippers of the word of Islam faith are called what? Muslims
During the Middle Ages, a census book was created to know the population of the land the ruled tax, what was it called? Domesday Book
________who was crowned king in 1199, but was very dishonorable and corrupted. King John I
The nobles under King Johns rule, were angered by his ___against him. corrupt rule and revolted
What did the nobles forced King John I to sign? The Magna Carta
What did the Magna Carta do to King John’s authority and the nobles. It limited the kings power over the nobles, and the nobles were given more rights.
During the Middle Ages, _____was a political, social, and economic system that began in the 800s. Feudalism
Feudalism provided _______for the people. needed protection
The monarch, King or Queen was the________. supreme ruler
Nobles pledged ____and provided _____for security. Allegiance, Knights
The knight served as _____that protected both the nobles or kings. soldiers
The _____were the people who lived on the land and farmed the land for food and protect from the king or noble. serfs or peasants
The spread of the _______killed off most the labor force to the point where the peasants demand wages for their labor. plague or “Black Death”
Both kings and nobles could not deny the peasants their ______or_____for the labor they did on the land. freedom, wages
The Black Death started in ______and spread to Europe by the____. Hubei, China, Silk Road
The Silk Road was a _____ from China to the Middle East to Europe. The Silk Road Caravans started from China during the ___ Dynasty. 4,000 mile travel, Han
What barrier is said to be between the subcontinent of India and Asia? The Himalayan Mountains
Why did Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China needed the flood water during the wet seasons of each year? For a good harvest to grow for the year
What was the main reason in Egypt why people settled in the Nile River Valley? The fertile land it provided
What government system was started in Mesopotamia? Kings or Monarchy
In China, what type of government did it have? Dynasties
When it came to hiring people in China's government, what did Confucius advise the Emperors? All officials need to earn their jobs by their education
Why was the Silk Road an important trade route in China? It traded in areas that China and Europe exchange goods and resources
What other name did Kublai Khan give to the Mongol dynasty? The Yuan Dynasty
What invention did China make that effected the world today? Paper, porcelain, silk, compass, gunpower
Why did the Romans build aqueducts from the Tiber river? To carry water into its cities
What is the highest latitude line degree? 90 degrees
What is 0 degrees latitude called? The Equator
What is 0 degrees longitude called? The Prime Meridian
What is the highest longitude lines can go? 180 degrees
What were huge pyramid like structures that took years to build? Ziggurats
When Hammurabi came to power, he wrote a set of laws for the land called the______. Code of Hammurabi
The Mesopotamians started the first written language known as ___. Cuneiform
The Egyptians constructed _____to honor their Pharaohs and have their riches and remains left to rest in peace. pyramids
What were the leaders of the Egyptian people and they were worshipped as gods? Pharaoh
From the written language, the Egyptians started picture writings known as__________. hieroglyphics
The most dominant religion in India is_____________. Hinduism
What was known as the water source of Egypt which is also the longest river in the world? The Nile River
What were the water sources to the civilization of Mesopotamia? The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
What was the name of Hammurabi's law of the region? The code of Hammurabi
Known as the Fertile Crescent, this place is also known as the land between the two rivers, what is it called? Mesopotamia
What is known as the worship of many gods in a religion? polytheism
In ancient Egypt, those responsible for using hieroglyphics to record important information and maintain records were called _________. scribes
What "god" was the Pharaoh of Egypt part of which made the people of Egypt believe that they were loyal to him? Horus the god of the sky
What is the 180 degrees longitude line called? The International Dateline
What is a Political Map? A map that displays colored states, countries, or boundaries.
What is a Physical Map? A map that show landforms, mountain ranges, or bodies of water.
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