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What is the name of the book that John Calvin wrote? Institutes of the Christian Religion.
Who are Presbyterians? Followers of John Knox
Who was John Knox? Follower of Calvin; followed Calvins teachings.
What was Calvinism? Religion based on Calvin's teachings.
What did Anabaptists believe? Believed people should be baptised as adults, Church and State should be seperate, didn't fight in wars, shared possessions.
What did Jesuits focus on? Founded schools throughout Europe, convert non-Christians to Catholicism, stop Protestantism.
What did Paul III do? Directed a council of cardinals to investigat indulgance selling, and other abuses, approved the Jesuit order, used the Inquisition to seek out heresy in Papal territory, called a council of church leaders to meet in Trent.
Define Catholic Remformation Movement within the Catholic Church to reform itself.
Who wrote the book Spiritual Exercises? Ingnatius of Loyola
What did the book Spiritual Exercices lay out? Laid out a day-to-day plan of medition, prayer, and study.
Define secular Worldly; dealing with everyday life issues.
Define Patron A wealthy merchant who financially supports the arts.
Define vernacular Writing in the native language of a specific country/region.
Define Humanism Philosophy of the Renaissance; about human achievement and reaching your potential; idea of doing the best that you can to improve yourself and the world around you.
What did Machiavelli write? The Prince.
What is "The Prince" about? Guideline for political leaders on how to atain power, and maintain power.
What are some works of art Leonardo da vinci created? Mona Lisa and Last Supper.
What are some works of art Michaelangelo created? Sculpture of David and Sistine Chapel.
What are some works of art Raphael created? Painting of school of Athens.
Define Renaissance Revival of art and learning; Rebirth and Rediscovery of Greek and Roman Knowledge; start of modern history.
Where did the Reformation start? Germany
Who created the printing press? Johann Gutenberg
Define indulgance a pardon releasing a person from punishments due for a sin
What did Martin Luther write? 95 Theses
What were the 95 Theses against? selling of indulgences.
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