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Dates II

1976 Kip marries Elena. They serve as the Campus Ministry leaders at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. From 7 to 300 in three years.
1979 The Spirit sends the McKeans to the Lexington Church of Christ in Massachusetts, later the Boston Church of Christ. The 30 would-be-disciples difference between “Crossroads congregations” and “Boston Movement” is every member called to “total commitment.”
1985 Chuck Lucas resigns from the ministry leaving the Crossroads Campus Ministries without any direction. By this year, Boston had planted Chicago, London, New York City and Toronto.
1985-88 Over 2,000 “remnant” young people move to Boston and her plantings from the Crossroads Campus Ministries.
1987-90 Reconstruction is when evangelist “counts the cost” of discipleship with each potential member. During this year the Crossroads Church of Christ “disfellowshipped” the Boston Movement Churches because of the reconstructions, which they considered “unbib
1988 World Sector Leaders are selected by the McKeans formally forming a Central Leadership for the Boston Movement. The Mainline Churches of Christ “disfellowshipped” the entire Boston Movement because they believe in autonomy.
1990 McKeans move to LA to encourage the young planting. It grows from 154 disciples to 10,000 disciples by 2001.
1991 Moscow is planted by the McKeans and 850 are baptized the first year.
1994 The Boston Movement grows to 142 congregations in 53 nations. Evangelization Proclamation- plant churches in every nation with a city of at least 100,000 in population by the end of the year 2000. “International Churches of Christ” is adopted by all.
2000 The Evangelization Proclamation is fulfilled – 392 churches in 171 nations.
2001 McKeans go on Sabbatical and never make another decision for the ICOC.
2002 The November Long Beach Unity Meeting formally sends the ICOC back to Mainline Theology. ICOC churches change their name to Church of Christ.
2003 In February, the “Kreite Letter” is the spark that decimates the ICOC. In April, the McKeans are formally fired for their convictions. In July, the Spirit carries them to Portland, Oregon to a congregation whose membership had fallen from 300 to 25.
2005 In September, 65 ICOC Evangelists and Elders sign “Our Concern for All The Churches.” Then, a second ungodly letter signed by 85 ICOC Evangelists and Elders “disfellowships” the McKeans and all the disciples with them.
2006 With ICOC leaders’ opposition to the McKeans helping Hilo, Hawaii under Kyle & Joan Bartholomew’s leadership, in October. The name of “International Christian Church” is adopted by all SoldOut Movement congregations.
2007 The McKeans plant the City of Angels International Christian Church with 42 “sold-out” disciples from Portland.
2008 The Central Leadership Council is selected by the McKeans.
2009 The Crown of Thorns Project becomes the rallying plan for the SoldOut Movement to evangelize the nations in this generation.
2013 The City of Angels Church has daily baptisms and over 1,000 in attendance every Sunday. (Acts 2:47)
2014 World Sector Leaders are selected by the McKeans replacing the Central Leadership Council.
2015 Presently, the SoldOut Movement has expanded in eight years to 59 churches in 28 nations on all six populated continents of the world.
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