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1A - Section A

Here you will be able to explore the nature and pattern of human communities

What does L’Arche mean? The Ark
At Mass what is the role of: The Minister of the Word? a lay person who is called to proclaim the Word of God at Mass or other worship services
At Mass what is the role of: The Minister of the Eucharist? offers communion to other members of the community at Mass, or brings communion to those who are unable to attend Mass
What is the sacred text of Islam called? Qur'an
A scientist named Abraham M_______________ has shown that human beings everywhere have the same needs in what is called M________________’s H______________ of N___________________. Maslow, Maslow's, Hierarchy, Needs
Who is the founder of Judaism? Abraham, later Moses
There are three basic styles of leadership, name two. Authotitarian Democratic Free Reign
The Protestant Churches are divided into many, name three. Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Salvation Army, Quakers
What are the three main parts of Christianity? Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant
T____________ is the key to end sectarianism; it is about r________ for, and communication with, one another. Tolerance, respect
Glenstal A_________ is a Benedictine m______________ in Co. Limerick. About 40 monks live there today. Abbey, monastery
Define Vocation. A calling by God to serve others
What is inter-faith dialogue? Communication and understanding between people from different major world religions.
What religious order did Mother Teresa found? Missionaries of Charity
The W_______ C_________ of C__________ is a group that aims to bring about peace and understanding between different f__________. World, Council, Churches, faiths
Define Denomination. Belonging to a particular branch of religion.
Name one place that promote Christian unity. Glencree Corrymeela Taizé
List four roles lay people have at Mass in the Catholic Church. Minister of the Word/Eucharist, Flower arranger, Sacristan, Usher, Altar server, Choir, Offertory procession, Collectors
C_________________ is the decision to spend time and energy doing something on behalf of others. Charity
What ‘P’ word means to speak out and explain a religious truth and urge people to act on it? Preach
A group of people who share the same common interested is a _________________. Community
Define Ministry. The type of work a person does within their community of faith.
Define Sectarianism. The hatred of someone because of their religious beliefs
V______________ is a vivid dream or mental image of something important. Vision
In the Irish language the word 'trócaire' means? Compassion
Frédéric Ozanam founded which community of faith? Saint Vincent de Paul
List the leadership structure of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope, Cardinals, Arch-bishops, Bishops, Priests, Laypeople
E_________________ is the attempt Christians make to understand and respect each other and to grow in a more unified way. Ecumenism
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