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Western Civ

Semester 2: Test 1

2 repeated phrases in Judges 1.Every one did what was right in his own eyes 2.There was no king in the land.
_________ stole silver from mom Micah
He Apologize and the mom __________________ and __________________ to _________________ forgave him, gave him more, make an idol
he also made a _________ for the idol which was built in ________ shrine, Ephraim
Micah commissions one of his ______ to be a ________ sons, priest
now they have a _______, an _______, and a ________ to worship-have created a new ________ priest, idol, place, religion
a _______ is looking for employment: Micah hires him hoping to make his religion _________ Levite, acceptable
tribe of ________ is being killed by the __________ ___________ (5 cities) Dan, Philistine pentapolas
tribe of Dan wants to move so sends spies who pass through _________ Ephraim
the spies ask the Levite priest to _________________ tell the future
he tells them _______________________ all will be well
spies go _________ to __________, which is a great place to live north, Laish
All ppl migrate and stop by ephraim to ________ the ________, and ________ _______ the ________ steal, image, tear down, shrine
the _________ discovers them so Dan invites him to come be ___________ and levite ______ go Levite, priest, does
Micah takes off after them but _______ ______ turns back
Dannites continue on to Laish and ______ the ppl already living there kill
this is the ___________ of an _______ false religion inauguration, official
Dan is the center for __________ for 100s of yrs. idolotry
a different __________ from Ephraim married a _________ from _________ Levite, concubine, bethlehem
for whatever reason, she returned to her ______, but Levite loved her so __________ her home, followed
He tried to _______ her to come back, so the Levites stayed w. her family for a while persuade
the levites do not leave until late so the stay in _________ in _________ (they thought about staying in _________) Gibea, Benjamin, (Jerusalem)
While they prepare to sleep, a man from Gibea invites them to stay at his house because he knew about the __________ pererts
the man ______ _______ of them, but then ______ beat on door takes care, perverts
the man from Gibea offers his _________ but the men say no Daughters
then, they offered the _______ from ________ Concubine, bethlehem
she is now _____, so the Levite man cuts her into _______ pieces and sends a piece to each ______, in order to _______ them dead, 12, tribe, shock
the tribes respond by assembling and they decide that _________ should deal with it and if they do not, other tribes will ______ Benjamin, attack
Benjamin _______ do it, so an ______ _______ war begins won't, inner tribal
the tribes annihilate almost every Benjamite, and only ________ survive 600
Israelites think they went too far and wonder how they will keep the benjamites ______ pure
other tribes had already vowed not to let daughters marry ___________ benjamites
tribes try to determine if any city did not send men to ______ and therefore did not make a ____ attack, vow
________ ________ did not send ppl-they are __________-Israelites _______ them Jabesh Gilead, cowards, execute
THey then take the unmarried women (_______) to men of Benjamin (______) 400, 600
the remaining 200 are to go to ______ for women Shiloh
none of this was __________ righteous
Author is trying to tell us _________________ that things are BAD
One good thing is the story of ________ (_____ to ______ period of the judges) Ruth (early, mid)
if not for _____ ______, all of israel would have been _____, but there is still some good God's grace,lost
famine in land of ______ (_____ Israel) Judah, (south)
Elimelech and Naomi move from Judah w/ their ___ sons to __________ 2, Moab
The sons marry _________ and _______ (___________ women) Ruth, Orpah, (Moabite)
famine spreads to Moab, ________ and _____ die father, sons
Leaves 3 ________ with a ______ _____, especially Naomi and ruth widows, strong bond
Naomi says she will return to _______ but Orpah and ruth should ______ in _______ Judah, stay, Moab
_____ will not leave, but ______ is convinced to stay Ruth, Orpah
Naomi (means: _______: changes name to Marah: means ________) Returns to _________ in Judah Pleasent, Bitter, bethlehem
______ is an ancestor of David and ______ Ruth, Jesus
Naomi must sell husband's _________-in ______ until yr. of ________-Ruth must find ______ property-poverty, Jubilee-food
ruth works hard-harvests the ______ of fields and Goes behind ________ corners, harvesters
she finds the field of ________ a wealthy farmer Boaz
she does not know that Boaz is an ancestor of ____________ Elimelech
Ruth is ________ pretty
Boaz realizes he might have a responsibility to ______ ruth marry
he tries to ______ for her by spilling _____ portions of harvest and allowing her to draw _______ from his ______ care, large, water, well
Ruth returns with lots of grain and barley to _______: they realize he is a _________ Naomi, relative
Naomi now plans to get a _______ for _____ and so tells her to stay at ______ land husband, Ruth, Boaz's
Boaz wil be seperating wheat and doing _________ when ___________ is over inventory, harvesting
ruth is to take a ______ and ______ good and make sure Boaz has _______ and is _______ shower, smell, eaten, drunk
then, ruth is to go ________ his feet and ___ ______ by his feet: ruth _____ uncover, lay down, obeys
Boaz is startled, ruth says _______ _____ (legal at this time) marry me
closest relative is to _______ and ______ a ______ if brother dies leaving wife fruitless marry, give, child
Boaz is _____ ______ kinsman redeemer
Naomi also wants ______ redeemed, Boaz will but says that there is a _______ ________ propertiy, closer relative
Boaz takes it as a ________ to 1._____ ________ 2._______ ______ priveledge, property 2.marry Ruth
They meet closest relative at city gate w/ elders there: he will _______ _______ but wont _______ _________ buy property, marry ruth
Boaz does it but there must be a ________ ceremony
closest next of kin must had his ______ to next kin at _____ ________ shoe, city gates
key of Levirate custom was to provide an ______ for your _______ heir, brother
Boaz is a descendent of ________; Ruth is in the line of ________ Rahab, Christ
end period of judges: _________ comes and is instrumental in forming the _________ Samuel, monarchy
samuel was considered a ___________ but more importantly a ________ and a ________ judge, priest, prophet
sameule may be closest to having the 3 titles of _____, _______, and _______, like Jesus priest, prophet, king
there was a school of _________; ________ was the head prophets, Samuel
we do not know much about it except that it propbably ________ prophets formerlly called by _____ trained, God
Prophets have 2 main jobs 1.fortell events 2.forthtell events
fortell events is the ________ job and happens _______ smaller, rarely
forhtelling eventsis telling the ________ and what ________ says here and now truth, God
there was never an ________ of prophets order
birth of Samuel follows the ________ _________ motif barren mother
Samuel's dad was _________ who lived in _______ w/ 2 wives (_________ and _________) Elkanah, Ephraim, (Hannah, Peninah)
_________ had several kids; ________ was unfruitful Peninah, Hannah
Peninah taunts Hannah so Hannah _____; Elkana gives hannah ________ portions b/c he _____ her and knows she wants ______ and is a good ____ person; Elkanah then says he is better than 10 _____ cries, double, loves, kids, godly, sons
Hannah is praying to God for a _____, and is moving her _______ but not ________ son, mouth, talking
Eli thinks Hannah is _______ and ________ her drunk, rebukes
he realizes his mistake, sends her in _______, and grants her a _____ from _____ peace, son, God
_________ is born w/i a year; his name means ________________ Samuel, heard of God
Samuel is given to ______ for training Eli
Hannah's prayer is beautifal, and ______ prayer (called _______ _________) bases her prayer on this Mary, Mary Manificant
_______ has physical problems; ________ has more kids Peninah, Hannah
Hannah knows who the ________ is Lord
Eli's sons are _________ ppl; they are ________ and ________ horrible, Haphni, Phineas
they used ppl's _________ to God for w/e they wanted which is ________ from God offerings, stealing
they use the tabernacle as a _________ and manipulate ________ by telling them their gifts are not good enough brothel, women
Eli knows what they are doing but ______ stop it doesn't
eli is usually a _______ man but a ________ father and ________ his kids godly, horrible, neglects
the ppl realize what is happening so they ____ going to the tabernacle and _____ going hate, stop
Eli is also raising _______ as a son at this time samuel
anyway, Eli does _______ his sons but does not do all that he should rebuke
God would not allow them to _______ b/c he wanted to _______ them repent, destroy
Eli did not _____ his kids, but also had no control over their ________ stop, salvation
God says about Eli, "___ _______ _____ _____." "He restrained them not."
Samuel is growing in __________-of being ________ and ________= a positive __________ before _____ and man reputation, faithful, humble, reputation, God
Eli is told that the _______ will be taken from his family; the man of God that tells him could also be referring to ______ (called a _______ ________) priesthood, Jesus, Messionic Prophesy
Hannah (_______ mom) has ___ more kids samuel's, 5
God reveals himself: ____ goes to sleep, God calls ______, he goes to Eli...__ times Eli, Samuel, 3
Eli realizes that it is _____ and tells Samuel this God
God tells Samuel that everything will be taken from ________ and his family and they will not be ________ Eli, forgiven
Samuel ______ want to tell Eli but Eli wants entire _________ doesn't, truth
Eli's response is that it is ______ and to let him do what seems good to _____ God, Him
Samuel grows and _____ is w/ him God
no words from samuel fall to the ground=everything he says is ________ useful/true/happened
Philistines who were subduing ___________ grow in ________ and ________ samson, strength, unity
they want to move into ________, _______ mobilize for Conflict Judah, Israelites
1st encounter=_________ wins; 2nd encounter=_________ wins Philistines, Philistines
Haphni and Phineas say that they forgot _____ ______ (____ of ________) magic box (Ark of Covenant)
THey viewed A of C as relec of past and ____________ not in the presence of ______ so it had no effect=_________ win superstitiously, God, Philistines
A Harold comes to tell of battle: he tells ____ that his sons are ______ and the ___ of _________ is lost Eli, dead, ark, covenant
Eli is _____, he falls, and ______ from shock old, dies
At same time, Eli's wife is __________, hears what happened, and has a ________ pregnant, son
at time of her death, she names him ____________ which means ______ _____ ________ b/c the _____ of ________ was lost Ichabod, Glory has departed, Ark, Covenant
IN ________, Philistines set up the ____ of __________ in the temple of the god of _______ (_____ diety) Ashdod, Ark, Covenant, Dagon, corn
next morning, Dagon is found ____________________________ in front of the A of C- so they _______________ laying face down, set him up
Next day, he is found ________________ in the same place excet _________ laying down, shattered
Lord struck the ppl with ______ (or a ______) tumors (plague)
this proves _________ was inferior to _________ Dagon, Yahew
so Dagon sends the A of C to _______ b/c they think the box brings the plague Gath
________ is a Philistine from Gath Goliath
ppl in gath are struck by the _________ plague
Philistines decide to _______ the A of C but How? return
they cannot send someone b/c _____________________________________ the carrier will get the plague
Israel will not come b/c ____________________________ it may be a trick to attack
they build a _____ for A of C and tie undomesticated ______ to it cart/wagon, cows
no _______, point cows in direction of Israel and if they go, ____________________; if they wonder and eat grass, __________________ driver, Yahew is present, nothing is happening
the cows _____________________ which means God is _________ go to Israel, powerful
the cows reach Judah in the town of ______ ________, 25 miles s/e of _________ Beth Shemesh, Jerusalem
Israelites take cattle and chop it up for ___________, take wood from wagon and start a _______ Offerings, fire
do s/t wrong: So excited that they decide to ________ the A of C which is ________, so God _______ open, forbidden, kills
Age of Greatness: rise of _________ threat; not enough unity in ________; real issue is that they are violating the __________ Philistine; Israel, covenant
Israel wants a _______ so that they will be like every one else king
philistines are called ____ _______ b/c they live on the _______ in the south Sea Peoples, south
________ live in the north but break up b/c of the _______ _____ _______ Aramaens, independent city states
_________ also live in north but cannot attack b/c are too ________ Assyrians, small
________ ________ lasts for 120 yrs. and is the time period of the 3 kings ________, _________, _________ United Monarchy, Saul, David, Solomon
Samuel is old and his ________ is close so the elders approach him death
Samuel needs a __________: his ________ are bad: he did not learn from _______ mistakes Successor, sons, Eli's
the desire for a king is a rejection of _______ not Samuel God
God permits a king but tells Samuel to tell the Israelites of the _____________ consequences
He told the ppl that a king would take their _______, _________, __________, _________, and __________: then Israel would cry out but God __________ hear Sons, daughters, fields, grain, animals, wouldn't
Israelites still want a _______ king
a king at the core is okay b/c _______________________, but Israel should have waited for _____ God gave rules for a king, God
Saul was a native of __________in _________ and is a very ________ man Gibea, Benjamin, large
Saul is searching for his _______ when he comes to ________ donkeys, Ramah
God told Samuel that the king would be _________ to him delivered
Saul went to Samuel's hous for the _________ donkeys
Saul is _____ but is doubtful king
first encounter: in _______, 2 men inform him of his ________ Ramah, donkeys
second encounter: 3 men are carrying ________ and ________ bread, wine
third encounter: prophets are ________ and Saul begins __________ w/ them b/c he was given the _________ singing, prophesying, Spirit
all 3 encounters happened just as ______ said they would God
To what degree does the Spirit of God come upon Samuel? not necessarily converted, but given the wisdom to be king
________ was a Prophet Abraham
Prophetism is old/new old
office of prophets (official phrophet as job) starts w/ __________ Samuel
many ppl were _________, ppl who say what ____ said prophets, God
_________ was a prophet Samuel
3 common terms for prophet: 1.Nabi 2.Roeh 3.Hozeh
Nabi specifically means ____________; ________ was this for Moses Spokesman, Aaron
Function of Nabi- to speak on behalf of another person; function of ________- to speack on behalf of _______ prophet, God
Easy to determine false prophets: false if _______________________ they are wrong/lie
Roeh menas ________- ppl who see God, visions, and dreams- then ____________ what he sees seer- communicates
Hozeh means ____________, or ___________ watchman, sentinel
Sometimes, ppl say that early prophets were ________; was one time when __________ prophesied all day and night crazy, Saul
Samuel gathers ppl at __________ to announce the king Mislah
______ was not there: he hid where ppl leave their __________ Saul; horses/wagons/goods
when ppl find Saul, they think he is being _________ and are _______ he is king humble; glad
Saul is physically _______-appeals to men b/c good for ______; appeals to women b/c good for _________=physical attributes please the ppl large, war, security
some ppl ________ acknowledge saul as king until he _________________________________ won't; wins his first battle
Saul's first challenge is the __________ (king ________) Ammonites (Nahash)
ammonites surround _________________ and say they will take it over but first give the ppl a chance to __________ by being ________ Jabesh-Gilead, surrender, slaves
Gileadites say they want to make a deal so ammonites say they will make a deal if the Gileadites ____________________________ pluck their right eye out
Gileadites will pluck eye if Ammonites give them ____________ to get help 7 days
they agree so Gileadites send for help-ammonites _______ worried b/c Isreal ______ had a lot of unity aren't, hasn't
Word reaches Saul while he is _____________________ in _________-this shows that his is an ___________ citizen w/ no __________ plowing his field; Gibea; average, palace/wealth
Saul cuts an ox into ___ pieces to send to the ___________ so that they will respond 12, tribes
Large host of Israelites _____ show up and they _________ the Ammonites does; destroy
assembly of elders meet at ________ after the win and _________ talks Gilgal, Samuel
Samuel says that God is still _________, even after they ________ Him Faithful, rejected
God will take care of His ___________ ppl covenant
Samuel asked God to confirm that what he (Samuel) said was true so God sends a ____________ in the ___________ hurricane, summer
ppl fear ________ and _________ and ask Samuel to pray that _______ will not ______ them God, Samuel, God, kill
Saul's 2nd challenge: ____________ whose advantage is a monopoly on _______ Philistines, iron
1st ppl to use iron-_________ who use process of _________ iron to make _________ and ______ Hittites, smelting, weapons, tools
most ppl use _____, but in battle, _____ chips the ______ bronze, iron, bronze
iron is also an _________ advantage b/c ppl will ______ iron from the Philistines who ___________ the iron (they do not sell during ______) economic, buy, overprice (war)
Philistines cause problems in the 1st encounter so Saul splits the army and gives 1/2 to _________ his son Jonathon
they then run to the _________________ and hide in ______ Jordan River, caves
saul says that they need to make a __________ sacrifice
a ________ or ________ must make the above priest, prophet
if you wait ___ days and no one comes, then you ______ make the above 7, can
Saul becomes ________ and so he makes an altar impatient
when he finishes, ____________ shows up Samuel
Saul was _________, so the ______ was removed from his family disobedient, throne
Saul would be replaced with "a man after _____ own ______"-meaning _______ God's, heart, David
Saul still has the problem of the ____________ Philistines
Jonathon shows good __________ and a good _________ leadership, follower
goes to the __________ so maybe God will work through them armorbearer
If Philistines tell us to come up hill, then _____ wants us to go God
Philistines call; __________ and ___________ _____ go Jonathon, armorbearer
Jonathon and the armorbearer kill ___ men as they move through 20
then the Israelites ___ join them and they _____ more do, kill
Saul shows bad __________; he tells the ppl to ________ until they conquere Philistines Leadership, fast
fasting bad b/c soldirs will be _________ hungry/weak/faint
Jonathon was fighting and did not hear of rule so he eats some _______-then they ________ the Philistines honey, defeat
ppl can eat now so they run to get cattle and oxen but do not ______ them properly so _______ caused Israel to ______ drain, Saul, sin
Saul then sacrifices; God _______ answer; Saul realizes someone broke the ______ doesn't, broke
Saul vowed to _____ anyone who brokethe vow (saul is not _______)-lets _____ Jonathon kill (levelheaded) kill
3rd encounter: _________ (under ______ of God-so must be completely _______ out) Amalekites (herem, wiped)
Yahew Sabbiath means God of ________/________/________ battles/armies/hosts
Israel did not kill the ______ or the __________ __________ king, sacrificial animals
Saul then sets up a __________ for himself and blesses ________ b/c he says he did what he was suppose to do monument, Samuel
Samuel asks why he has _______ then sheep
saul blames the ______, but says they did it so they could ____________ ppl, sacrifice
Samuel says what they did was ______ evil
Saul again blames the ______ ppl
Rebellion=__________; stubborness=_________ Witchcraft, idolatry
God does not need something special, he only needs you to ______ obey
Saul admits that he sinned but blames the ____ ppl
Saul tears Samuels robe b/c ________ refuses to worship w/ ________ b/c God __________ Saul Samuel, Saul, rejected
Samuel responds saying that the ________ is taken from Saul kingdom
Saul finally gives up and ________ ______ worships God
Samuel hacks ______ (the Amalekite king) into pieces before the _____ (meaning it was ______ and ________ God b/c it was _________) Agog, Lord (holy/righteous, pleased, obedience
Samuel relationship w/ Saul: possibly a _____________ problem b/c Saul is ______ and represents ppl's rejection of _____ personality; king; God
Some think ________ hates that _______ disobeys God Samuel, Saul
God tells Samuel to go to ________ house, make a __________, and bring out his ______ Jesse's, sacrifice, sons
God says none of these; ne more sons? yes: __________, youngest is _______________ David, watching sheep
Samuel then hit w/ ______________ b/c God is choosing David Spirit of God
God looks at ________ not ________ appearence heart, physical
David is __________, ___________, _____________ ruddy, bright-eyed, good looking
ruddy:origin is ____=could mean ____ skinned and _____ headed; could mean ____ skinned red=fair, red; red
bright-eyed means ___________ inteligent
good-looking means hansome, _______, and ________ for age (10-12) Srong, mature
Spirit of Lord is upon David and _______ left him never
Spirit of Lord _______ Saul and an ______ _______ from God __________ him left, evil spirt, troubled
God controls ____ ______ evil spirits
Saul is now ________ and ________ eyed=never truly ___________-only comforted by soothing _______ psychotic, crazy, converted, music
David-_________-unbelievable __________ talent prodigy, music
David can also _____ well and is a Man of _______/_______ (defends ________) Speak, Valor/War (flocks)
Saul makes David his ____________ armorbearer
Saul's next problem is __________ (David not king yet only _________ w/ ____) Philistines (annointed, oil)
Philistines and Israelites are on opposite sides of ________ _________ elah valley
each is to send _____ man/men to fight; winner gets others as __________ one man; servants
Goliath is mean and _____ (_____ feet); well _________; well _________ and ready tall (9+); proportioned; defensed
Jesse sends David to give _______ to his brothers food
David is to take ________ to the captain in hope that he won't put Jesse's sons in the ________ line cheese; front
David hears Goliath _______ God and ________ the Israelites Cursing; challenging
David will ______ him-brothers ____________ of him and tell him to go _______ (they are __________) kill, make fun, home (jealous)
David says there is a __________; insulting God worth __________ for cause, Dieing
David is ready to _______ so is taken to ______ fight, Saul
Saul says he is too _______; David says he has killed a _____ and a ______ for his sheep young; lion, bear
David feels he has the _________ b/c he is a good _________ and has ______ advantage, warrior, God
David takes w/ him a _____, ______, and ___ ______ staff, sling, 5 stones
Staffs had ________ on the end that could ____ if need be Spear/tip; kill
Goliath falls _______ when stone hits him foward
David then takes Goliath's ________ and ______ Goliath to kill him Sword, stabs
then David ___________ Goliath's ______ and takes it _______ (usually to _______) Chops off, head, home (show)
David goes to palace of _________ and becomes good friends w/ ____________ Gibeon, Jonathon
Maids sing that ______ kills his _______ and ________ kills his _________ Saul, 1000s, David, 10,000s
Saul is going _________ and throws _______ at David while he is playing music in an attempt to ________ him (______ saves him) crazy, spears, murder (God)
Saul givves David his daughter _______ to marry but then takes her and gives her to someone else on the ______ day of the ceremony Merob, last
David finds a daughter of ______ that he loves named _________ Saul, Michal
Saul must kill _______ _______ w/ proof to get Michal 200 Philistines
David does it and dumps __________ on Saul foreskins
saul _____ allow the marriage (but he thought that david would be ________) does (killed)
Saul tells _____________ to kill David Jonathon
Saul tries to ____ david again so he runs to home to hide kill
David tels ________ to help him escape so she tells him to climb out window and she puts a ________ in his bed Michal, statue
Saul sends ppl to get David and Michal says he is _____ sick
Saul tells ppl to bring David in his _____ bed
They then realize that it is a ________ and Saul is mad at his __________ statue, daughter
Saul suspects David went to ________ for advice from ________ and Saul was ______ Ramah, Samuel, correct
David went to a place close to Ramah called ________, a place closely assosiated w/ the ______________________ Naioth, School of Prophets
Servants of Saul strat to ___________ when they go to get David prophesy
Saul goes himself and _______ all day and night with his _______ off Prophesies, clothes
God is heoping ______ b/c he chose and blessed him and _________ Saul David, rejected
David passes ________ to confer w/ ___________ Gibea, Jonathon
David wants to come back to palace and asks ________ to talk to Saul Jonathon
he says he will but for David to ________ for now and they will ________ later Leave, meet
Jonathon will bring his ______ and ________ to pretend ________ bow, arrow, archery
Jonathon will shoot the arrow: if he tells his servant to go farther to look, David must _____ leave
if he tells his servant to come closer to look, David must __________ come back
Saul says _____ david so david _______ No, leaves
Sad b/c Jonathon and David can no longer be ____________ friends
Saul even tried to kill ___________ he wouldn't kill ________ and doesn't care that he wont be _________ Jonathon, David, king
David is look for food w/ his men and goes to ______ where the ____________ is now Nob, tabernacle
asks the ____ ______ for bread and weapons high priest
the priest gives him ________ bread and __________ sword holy, Goliath's
David then goes to _____, where ________ is a celebrity (b/c it is his town), with the sword Gath, Goliath
David was discovered and taken to the Kingdom of Gath so he pretends he is _____ mad
he ______ all over himself, messes up his ______, scrathes the _____, and acts ________ spits, hair, door, crazy
he is then taken to king of gath, _______, and the king says he is crazy, so let him ____: _____ protected him Achis, go, God
David goes to the ________ region in Judah to the cave of __________ Shepalah, Adulem
David is leader of all ppl escaping _______ Saul
david has his _______ w/ him but is scared that _______ will kill them family, Saul
so he sends his family to live w/ _____-__________ in ______ Great-grandmother, Moab
_____ (edomite) tells Saul that priests at ______ helped David so Saul ______ them Doeg, Nob, Killed
__________ is the priest of David Abiathar
David and 400 men fight the __________ to rescue _________ villages philistine, Judaen
this is why Judaens ________ David: ppl love _______ and hate ________ accept, David, Saul
while David fights Philistines, Saul attacks __________ David
_____ protects David by making the 2 armies ________________ God, miss each other
David goes to ______ and meets __________ so is encouraged by ____________ Ziph, Jonathon, friendship
he then goes from _________ to __ _______ Maon, En Gedi
Saul goes after David after he eats a _____ ___________ big breakfast
Saul goes to a _________ to go to the bathroom cave
________ and his men are in the cave and see ______ but he does not see them David, Saul
David's men tell him to _______ Saul and that it is _______ plan kill, God's
David even has _______ sword w/ him Goliath's
David cuts the corner of Saul's ______ off and feels bad robe
David could have _______ Saul and Saul ______ killed, weeps
David is a more ___________ man than Saul and Saul now ________ this righteos, realizes/knows
David has a good heart and let ____ deal w/ his __________ ones in any way he wants God, annointed
David again was protected by ______ and Saul has no _________ God, Chance
David was _________ the Judaen countryside and believed he deserved __________ and __________ from them protecting, resources, benefits
wanted ___________ from ppl being protected support/respect/help
________ (______) is a rich man Nabal (fool)
David sends his servents to get stuff from this man but the man does not know who ________ or ________ is and does not ______ David, Jesse, care
Nabal will _____ b/c he is ________ die, ungrateful
Nabal is _______: he marries ________ who is _______ and _______ evil/harsh; Abigail; wise/good; godly/beautiful
David swears he will not let one _______ in ________ house live man, Nabal's
Servents of Nabal tell _________ who Nabal did Abigail
she panics and prepares a ________ for David and his men bounty
she goes to David on a donkey and ______ to him then says Nabal is ________ and she ______ forgiveness bows, foolish, begs
David blesses _____ (for keeping him from killing) and ________ God, Abigail
Abigail goes home and finds Nabal had a ______ and is _______ feast, drunk
She does not tell him until ______ _________ next morning
David is not _________ Nabal anymore because Nabal __________ David protecting, rejected
within 10 days, God ______ Nabal and he (Nabal) _____ stikes, dies
David then marries ________ and also _________ and is still married to ________ Abigail, Ahinoam, Michal
God intends marriage to be ____ on ____=David is _________ one, one, sinning
Kings are to not have too many _______, ________, or ________ wives, horses, gold
David is not even ______ yet and is already breaking kings' rules king
it may be ______, a ________ problem, involved w/ David's many wives lust, physical
David moves back to _______ and _______ is going after him Ziph, Saul
Saul's chief military officer is ________ Abner
David's chief military officer is _________ Abshai
David+Abshai are watching Saul's camp and EVERYONE is _________=no one is on ________ sleeping=guard
Abishai says God delivered ______ to _______ b/c he is in _______ and ________ Saul, David, dark, asleep
David says ____ b/c he is trying to be ___________ no, righteous
David takes Saul's _______ and _______ spear, cantene
David and Abshai go to the top of the hill and scream "_______" Abner
Abner deserves to ______ b/c Saul could have been killed on his watch Killed
Saul interupts and asks if it is _________ David
David says yes, but why are you still _________ me, I am not _______ you, STOP!!! chasing, against
Saul says he is ________ and ______ stop sorry, will
David cannot ________ Saul believe
Sal returns to ________: God is protecting _________ not _______ Gibea, David, Saul
Saul won't chase David again b/c he is about to ______ die
David makes a deal w/ ______ of the __________ Achish, Philistines
serene means ______ prince
Achish is the serene of _______ Gath
Feudalism is when someone gives ppl stuff but the ppl must ________ them repay
Achish will give David _______ for himself and his ppl but they must supply him in ____ Ziklag, war
David _______ Agrees
At valley of ________, David must prepare to help the Philistines fight _______ Jezrael, Israel
David cannot refues to fight because __________________________________________ they are living on Philistine land and made a deal
Philistine's dont want david to fight b/c ______________________________ even though __________________________ he may turn on the Philistines, he had a rift w/ Saul
Saul doesn't know if he is suppose to _________ fight
Saul already killed the ________ and ______ has turned from Saul priests, God
So Saul disguises himself and goes to a ______ in _______ witch, Indor
She is a _______ and can contact the ________ median, dead
when Saul goes in (disguised), the woman says witchcraft is ________ and _____ forbid it so she would be ________ if she did it illegal, Saul, killed
Saul says that she will not ______; bring back __________ die, Samuel
woman _____ sees ______, but Saul _________ see does, Samuel, cannot
woman says he is covered w/ a _______ (a _____ w/ a _______) mantle (cloak, hood)
the woman is ________ scared
Samuel asks _____________________________ why did Saul bring him back
Saul says b/c he (Saul) is ________________ distressed
Samuel says that saul should have _________ _____ obeyed God
then tells _______: Saul will ______ and be w/ _______ in the ________ and Saul's ______ will ____ future: die, Samuel, grave, sons, die
This could be one of three things: could all be a/an ___________ illusion
2.Woman could be _________ Saul decieving
3.could be _______ and woman was _______ b/c she usually ________ it real, scared, fakes
in ________, the conflict begins Jezrael
Saul is dieing from __________ wounds
Saul's ___________ won't kill Saul armorbearer
so Saul props up his _______ and _______ on it sword, falls
Philistines chop Saul's ______ off, take it back, and ___________ head, celebrate
They hang his head on the ______ wall
_______ ________ (one's who Saul saved from getting their ______ popped out) go get Saul's _______ and give him a proper ________ Jabesh Gileadites, (eyes), head, burial
___________ capture ________ and ______ of David and his men at ________ (after they butn it) Amalekites, wives, kids, Ziklag
David is __________, has _______ talent, a ________ and _______, becomes ________, a great _______ handsome, musical, warrior, leader, wealthy, writer
the hand of ______ is on David which is his key to success God
________ (__ tribes but one is _______)loves David while ________ (__ tribes) loves Saul South (2, Judah), North (10)
North is slow to acknowledge _______ David
a runner tells David that _____ and ________ are dead Saul and Jonathon
the runner claims to have ________ Saul (the runner is a _______) killed (liar)
the runner is an __________ Amalekite
David gets someone to kill him because he claimed to kill the ______ __________ Lord's annointed
David morns b/c __________ is dead and then writes a ________ for him of their strong _____ Jonathon, memorial, love
now there is no _______, so ________ makes David the official king in Hebron king, Judah
______________ is made king in north and moves the capital to ___________ Ish-bosheth, Mahanaim
Mahanaim is east of the ________ ________ which means the _________ have extended their power Jordan River, Philistines
Ish-bosheth is a puppet king: ______ (the _________ man) really has the power Abner (military)
Abner wants to _______ the nation and gain ________ unify, gain
Abner goes to attack ________ and wipe him out David
_______, ________, and _______ are sons of ________ and prominent military men of David Joab, Abishai, Asahel, Zeriah
Joab leads a group to a place w/ a pool and lets the ________ men fight one on one young
men of _______ are winning; _____ and rest of men attack Judah, Joab
_________ is fast and pursues _______; Abner warns Asahel to stop and then _______ Asahel Asahel, Abner; kills
Joab's men finally stop but after they _____ won
David is growing stronger and has several ________ wives
________ is still not w/ him Michal
Abner meets w/ David and says he will get the _________ tribes to _______ David if David gives him _________ northern, accept/acknowledge, Michal
at same time, Joab is fighting the ____________ and Abner kills _______ brother Philistines, Joab's
Joab is mad that David is friendly w/ Abner so Joab kills _________ Abner
David pours out ________ over Abner's death (after Abner has pusued to _____ david) sorrow (kill)
David even curses ______ (he did go about this in wrong way but it was _______________) Joab, understandable
2 _________ kill Ish-basheth in his sleep assasins
they then contact David and tell him that the ________ is clear for David to claim throne
David says ___, they should not have _____ Ish-basheth; david is a __________ man NO, killed, righteous
so David punishes the assassins by getting their _______ and _______ chopped off and then they are _________ hands, feet, hanged
elders now know _______ house is gone, so ______ must be king Saul's, David
1st act as king, David must pick a place for the _________ capital
_____________ is in perfect place but is inhabited and well defended by ____________ Jerusalem, Jebusites
3 sides are protected by ________ and north has ________ ______ valleys, massive, walls
the great ________ source is the city's downfall water
David vows that any man who gets through the _______ and opens the ________ will be ______ and __________ of _________ water, gates, chief, captain, horses
______ does it and it is not even a battle: ______________ falls Joab, Jerusalem
David's _______________ grows reputation
__________ is known for its _________ and _________ Phoencia, buildings, architects
_________ of __________ sends David ________ and __________ Hiram, Phoencia, workers, resources
Philistines hear of David's ___________ and go to the _________ banks of Jerusalem to ________ David reputation, western, attack
the Philistines are pushed way back-to the very _________ coast of _________ western, Israel
from here on out, David _________ prospers
David enhanced solidarity and unity of kingdom ____________ by making __________ the capital politically, Jerusalem
must be enhanced ____________ also spiritually
Israel is in ________ b/c Saul killed the _______, Saul was not a good _______ for the ppl, and the _______________________ was lost for a time direpair, priests, example, Ark of the Covenant
The A of C was in someone's house so there was no place to ____________ sacrifice
Saul also named one of his soms _________ which is bad Esh-bael
A of C was in someone's house at _____________________ Kirjath-Jerem
_______________ was the spiritual and plitical center Jerusalem
RULE: A of C must be in a __________ location central
Jerusalem also has a spiritual history b/c ______________ met ____________ close by Melchizadeck, Abraham
but the _________ and __________ are what make it the spiritual center A of C, tabernacle
a _________ for the _____ is what makes it the political center palace, king
David transports the Ark incorrectly: he puts it on a _____ ______ so it will look ________ and be _______ new cart, pretty, faster
_________ are supposed to carry it on their shoulders priests
Ark starts to slide so ______ touches it to stop it from falling: God ____________________ Uzah, strikes him dead
God would rather have ________ ______ touch him than _________ _____ obedient dirt, rebellious man
___________ principles say to do only what God says Regulative
____________ principles say you can do whatever is not forbidden Informative
God told David to carry the cart a certain way but David carried it a way that was not _____________ forbidden
A of C is taken back to ________________ house for ____ months and then transfered ________ Obed-Edom's, 3, properly
David is __________ because the ______________ is coming back excited, A of C
David gives everyone _____ and then goes back to _______ his household food, bless
________ comes out and despises ________ b/c he looked like a ______________ and should look like a _________ Michal, David, commoner, king/royal
David says he was dancing for _____ who chose ________ instead of ________ (__________ dad) God, David, Saul (Michal's)
Michal had no _____ kids
David must find a place to house the ___________________ A of C
david wants to build a _________ (he already has a ____________) temple (tabernacle)
________ is in the office of prophets and keeps _________ in check Nathan, David
God said no _________: David is to be a Man of _______ temple, War
God is not bound by our standards=______ does not hold him (tabernacle/temple) space
Nathan says that it _______ matter what David builds doesn't
David is allowed to ________ ________ for the temple but not allowed to _________ the temple collect materials, build
David Covenant: 1. temple will be built by _________ sons and succesors MAIN THING: _________ ________ will be ruled by _______ and his ___________ (fulfilled in kingship of __________) David; eternal kingdom; David, descendents (Jesus)
________ will be king Jesus
_____ _______ means God of ________ and they will perform the above task Yahew Sabbiath, Armies
Mighty God refers to a ______ that saves ______ (unlike ours) and we should _______ Him hero, souls, fear
david has many ________ accomplishments military
humbled the ________ MOST IMPORTANTLY: __________ Isreal's borders significantly extended
David requires neighbors to ____ ________ to not be taken over pay tributes
David and Israel become extremely ________ wealthy
they have lots of _______, _______, and ______ money, resources, land
David forshadows _______ as ______ b/c he is ____________ Jesus, king, compassionate
David calls his servants and asks if there is anyone left to give to in house of _______ Saul
Ziba finds ________________ from ___ _______ Mephibosheth, Lo Debar
Mephiboshet is _______, he is and ________ b/c David wants to see him lame, scared
he thinks he is going to _____ b/c he is the only living male heir of ______ die, Saul
Mephibosheth is ____________ son Jonathon's
David says he will make Meph. _____ and restore the _____ of Saul rich, land
David also gives Meph ______ + his 15 _______ + his 20 + _________= _____ men Ziba, sons, servants, 36
David also lays down men of ______ and counts off _____ of them to kill Moab, 2/3
This shows that David is a _____ w/ a ____________ heart Warrior, compassionate
David's biggest enemy problem is the __________ Ammonites
right now, he is at peace w/ king ________ of __________ Nahash, Ammon
Nahash _______, so David sends stuff to his son _______ saying he is sorry but glad the son is now king dies, Hanun
Hanun's advisors say that David was sending _______ spies
So the men of Hanun get the supposed spies and _______________________ and ____________________ and then send them away shave off 1/2 of their beards, cut off their clothes at the butt
this was a major ______, ________, and the men (that were supposedly spies) were _________ insult, embarressing, ashamed
David tells the men to wait at _________ until their _______ grow back then come home Jericho, beards
this incident brings back the __________ hostility
______ of Israel hammers the __________ Joab, Ammonites
Ammonites use __________ (ppl who are ______ to _________) mercenaries (paid, fight)
__________ stayed in Jerusalem and did not go fight David
God had told him to be a ________ and lead the ______ to battle warrior, army
this was even a time when ______ were suppose to fight kings
David ends up seeing ___________ and commiting ___________ and __________ Bathsheba, adultry, murder
2 TYPES OF SIN: 1)omission-________________________________ 2)comission- _________________________________ not doing what one is commanded to do; doing what one is forbidden to do
sins of ________ lead to sins of __________ omission, comission
David was not where he was suppose to be; then he committed __________ and __________ adultry, murder
Bathsheba ________ and tells ________ concieves, David
David thinks he should _______ this sin cover
so he tells this ppl to bring ________ home Uriah
Uriah is __________ husband and is currently at _________ (where _______ should be0 Bathsheba's, battle (David)
the bible says that the man who _______ his sin will not ___________ covers, prosper
Wriah will come home and want to _______ w/ his wife so ppl will think he got her ________ sleep, pregnant
David told Uriah to go _______, _______ up, and David sends _______ to follow Uriah home, clean, food
Uriah ______ go to his house doesn't
He says everyone and everything is in _____, and he has _________: focus on ______ not _____ tents, integrity: battle, home
David then tries to get Uriah ______ but Uriah won't ___ _______ drunk, go home
Uriah is then told to take a letter to _____ that ________ wrote Joab, David
David wrote for Uriah to be put on the _______ line and then ____________ front, abandoned
Uriah ______, ___________ mourns dies, Bathsheba
David is the _______ and ________ Bathsheba hero, marries
Uriah's blood is now on _________ hands: he has committed _________ David's, murder
this displeases _____ so he communicates to David through _________ w/ a parable God, Nathan
he says there is a poor man w only one little _______ like a daughter lamb
thee is a rich man w/ a lots of ______ living in the same ________ sheep, city
the rich man takes the poor man's lamb b/c he does not want to give one of his to the ___________ traveler/stranger
David is angry at parable and wants to ______ the rich man who did this kill
Nathan says that the man is ________ David
Uriah only had one beautiful ______ and David took that and ______ Uriah wife, killed
Now, David will have problems in his ______, a life of _____, and ppl will take his _____ and ______ w/ them for the world to see house, wars, wives, sleep
when David is confronted w/ sin, he _______ w/ a ________ heart: difference b/w him and _____ repents, broken, Saul
other punishment=David and Bathsheba's son will _______ die
David writes a song of _____________ repentance
Song tells us that: god gives a multitude of __________ mercies
David only sinned against ____: has a _____________ view of sin=____________ God, God-centered, theocentric
born sinners=_________ _____ original sin
all of us are marred by sin=________ __________ total depravity
David begs that the _______ _______ will not be taken from him Holy Spirit
Saul ________ others, but David ______ w/ a ________ _______ blames, repents, broken heart
the child is born: Davd ________ and _________; on 7th day, God ________ child fasted, prayed, strikes
when David hears child is dead, he _________ and _____ worships, eats
David acted in this manner to ________ himself before God in hope God would be _________ humble, gracious
God is very ________: makes and keeps _________ to be good and kind good; promises
we must trust in _________ and ___________ of God character, compassion
David seems to think his child is w/ ______ b/c he says that ___ will return to _______ God, he, the child
David comforts Bathsheba and _______ w/ her: name the child ________ "______" sleeps, Solomon, "peace"
major turning point in David's life: many __________ ahead tragedies
_________ was raped by _________ who was David's son (could have been 1/2 bro though) Tamar, Amnon
Amnon loves Tamar and cannot even ____ b/c he thinks about her all day eat
Amnon's best friend tells Amnon to pretend to be _______ sick
________ goes to Amnon and Amnon says to send ________ David, Tamar
Tamar fixes him a meal and ______ him: he says to do this by hand feeds
Amnon grabs her and says ____ w/ me lie
she says no: it is disgraceful b/c he is ___________ taking her (not b/c they are __________ and __________) forcibly (brother, sister)
she says to just ask _______ and then it will be _______ David, okay
Amnon now hates her more than loves her b/c he thinks she made him _______ her to do it force
Absalom (_______ bro) kills ______ which puts a rift b/w _______ and Absalom (Tamar's) Amnon, David
Absalom has a ________, invites _______, and then sends his servants to _____ festival, Amnon, kill
Absalom goes to _______ Gesher
David has a heavy heart: ________ cannot return home even though David loves him Absalom
David will not greet Absalom ____ yrs. later 3
___ yrs. later, David greets Absalom w/ a _____ 5, kiss
Absalom is now back and everything is well except that Absalom is __________ faking
He thinks his father should have killed ______ but David did not so _________ had to and was ________ Amnon, Absalom, punished
Absalom hates his dad so sits by gates of city and meets w/ _____ who come to __________ ppl, Jerusalem
David does not have time to meet w/ all, so Absalom says what he would do as ________ king
Absalom wins ppls ________ and they say he should be ________ hearts, king
so they storm the ________ and ________ the ppl palace, overwhelm
David figures everything out too _____; so he ______ from the city late, runs
he leaves some behing to pretend to be ______ to _________ loyal, Absalom
he leaves _______ and 1 ____, ________ and 1 ____, and ________ Abiathar, son, Zadok, son, Hushai
They are to give Absalom ____ _______ bad advice
Absalom is just happy that some of David's ppl chose to ______ stay
David runs to _______ ______ Jericho Road
Absalom demonstrates power by _______ w/ David's _________ on _____ for all to see sleeping, Concubines, roof
Hushai (pro ________) and Ahithophel (pro __________) are 2 best advisors David, Absalom
they compete for Absalom's trust: Ahithophel says to ________ David now b/c he is a great _________ man chase, military
Hushai says to get control of the _________ 1st so no one takes over kingdom
Absalom takes _________ advice which gives ________ time to prepare Hushai's, David
Ahithophel _________ himself b/c he was been __________ by Absalom and now knows they won't win and will _______ anyway hangs, rejected, die
fierce battle in forest of __________; ________ is winning Ephraim, David
Absalom is riding a _______ (and inteligent, strong, big animal) mule
He is being chased by ________ men: Absalom is not aware of all surroundings=he is _________ around, runs into a _____ and gets stuck in the _______ Joab's; looking, branch, tree
David had said to _________ Absalom but not to _______ him capture, kill
______ (the leader of David's forces) hears that Absalom is hanging in a tree and ____ him Joab, kills
Joab blew his trumpet signifying that ______ won Israel
David hears the message, but mourns b/c his _____ is ______ son, dead
Joab tells David that 1000s of men risked their ______ for David and his family lives
they won, but david is mourning for the son who _________ and tried to _____ him (David) instead of ____________ ppl who fought for David rebelled, kill, congradulating
Joab should not have ________ the order but his __________ was sound Disobeyed, argument
David resents _________ presumption Joab's
Absalom named ________ chief military officer: this man is still alive Amasa
David demotes _______ and makes ______ chief military officer Joab, Amasa
David also forgave all leaders who tried to ____ him kill
Sheba was a _____ and did not listen to king _______ rebel, David
David tells _______ to kill Sheba Amasa
Joab meets Amasa by pool of ______ and pretends to be giving him _______, then ______ Gibeon, advice, kills
Joab goes to get Sheba and chases him to ___________ Naphtalie
Joab says he will _________ the city unless they do something destroy
a wise woman asks what the _________ is problem
Joab tells her that there is a ________ in the city rebel
the ppl of the city agree to take ______ out and then they throw his ______ over the wall Sheba, head
Joab and his men then ________ leave
there is a 3 yr. drought b/c of how ______ treated the _____________ Saul, Gibeonites
(Israel had made a _______ to protect the Gibeonites but Saul was ______ and _______ them) treaty, mean, wronged
David tries to make it right: the Gibeonites say give me all of Saul's _______ __________ to die (includes _____________) male descendants (Mephibosheth)
David works out a ___________: only __ of Saul's descendants are handed over to die compromise, 7
David took the bodies from _______________ to ________ for burial Jabesh-Gilead, Gibea
God tells David to go ________ Israel; David ______ go; God __________ him for doing it number; does; punishes
This is an example of the _____ of ______: God ___________ this but ________ actually told David to do it use, means: ordained, Satan
it is bad to _________ the ppl b/c it is a way of __________ about how many ppl are under your control number, bragging
counting the army showed a reliance on _______ and _______ things: to punish, God sends _____ David, earthly, Gad
Gad gives David 3 choice for his punishment: they are... 1.7 yrs of famine 2.3 months of ppl pursuing David (being on the run) 3.3 day plague
David says he wants his punishment to be in hands of _______ which eliminates #__ and #__ Lord, 1, 2
God sends a plague from ______ to _______ that kills __________ ppl 70,000
Lord did not let the angel destroy ________________ Jerusalem
Plague ended at the __________ ______ of _________ threshing floor, Araunah
David builds an _______ there at the site of ____ __________ altar, Mt. Moriah
Mt. moriah is where David will eventually build the _________ temple
David is in his last yrs. and there is a little _________ peace
He will never have complete ________- he has __________ problems peace, family
David's son, ___________, was spoiled w/ fatherly attention Adonijah
David seems to be _________ and Adonijah wants the ________ dieing, throne
Adonijah persuade __________ (David's priest) and ______ to be on his side Abiathar, Joab
divine promise was that ___________ was to be king Solomon
________ and ________ are on Solomon's side Nathan, Zadok
___________ goes to David and tells him what Adonijah is doing Bathseba
David tells Nathan and Zadoc to immediatly annoint _________ as king Solomon
ceremony happens and then the city yells "_______________________________________" God save the king
so this news gets to Adonijah and he flees to the ____________ for his life tabernacle
as David is dieing, he issues a _________ charge
the charge is to punish the __________ (_____) and ______ them revolutionaries (rebels), kill
David dies after ruling Israel for ___ yrs 40
Solomon's kingdom is now firmly ____________ established
Adonijah has a foolish request- he wants one of David's _______________ concubines
Solomon sees it as an attempt to get ______ and says No status/power
Benaiah is ordered to ____ Adonijah and he does kill
Abiathar is told to leave __________ to avoid ______ Jerusalem, death
Benaiah, the _______ _______, then kills _____ but let ____________ live Godly assasin, Joab, Abiathar
_______ had mocked David-David told Benaiah, "______ kill" Shimei, Dont
Solomon tells Shimei to stay in ___________ Jerusalem
2 servants of Shimei run away so Shimei _______ to get them leaves
Benaiah is then given permission to ____ ______ kill, Shimei
Solomon ______ riegn as long as David doesn't
there were lots of changes under David: Israel goes from ___________ to ___________ segmented/poor, unified/powerful/wealthy
the kingdom and the king are now _______ strong
Israel is now among the world's ________ _______ leading powers
Israel is also has a _________ _________ strategic location
they are even growing in ___________: we know from their _________ poetry and songs spirituality: religous
there will probably be improvement w/ ___________ also Solomon
no __________ during David's reign-David got it out idolatry
Solomon is now in _________ and _________ can take over control, no one
Solomon appeared in equal terms of the _________ of _________ Pharoah, Egypt
Solomon marries _________ daughter Pharoah's
this was not ___________ for either group allowed
1. For Pharoah, his Daughter is suppose to marry in the _________ of _________ family of royalty
2. For Israel, it is against the _______ and _____ ___________ Law Hebrew, Old Testament
this marriage was a ______ ________ BIG DEAL
the marriage led to the _______ of Solomon's Kingdom demise
high place, _______, were ________ ______ for Solomon's many princesses bamot, outdoor altars/shrines
these high places are place of worship for _______________________________________ whoever you want to serve
these places are not always _____ b/c _____ meets Solomon there sometimes bad, God
______ ______ at _________- God asks ________ to ask for anything he wants Great Bama, Gibeon, Solomon
doing your best when your best is required competitive greatness
Solomon asks for ________; this is a great __________; it pleases _____ wisdom, response/request, God
He shows his wisdom in the case of the 2 __________ harlots
they live together and each have a _______: one ______ baby, dies
The woman that killed feels bad: she then takes the _____ baby and exchanges it w/ ______ live, dead
Solomon says he will give each woman ___________________________ 1/2 of the live baby
mother says ___________; nonmother says ______: Solomon is ______ don't kill; okay: wise
many ppl come too see his _________ wisdom
Solomon appoints _______ _________ court officials
he then links some ______ and forms 12 _______ who are to supply food, resources, and men tribes, districts
this eliminates the idea of no _______ and so it brings _________ unity, cohesion
Solomon means ________-he is not known as a man of _____; no ________ till end of his life peace, war, conflict
solomon lives a __________, __________ life peaceful, productive
Solomon is famous for 1._______ and 2. ________ buildings, literary
______ of ________ learns of _______ death and wants to give stuff to _________ Hiram, Phoencia, David's, Solomon
Hiram was also nice to ________ David
Hiram makes an agreement to provide _____, ____, and ____ in exchange for ____ and _______ from David cedar, fur, men, oil, wheat
Solomon was __________ to build the temple in the _________ _________ commisioned, Davidic Covenant
Solomon builds the ________ w/ the same structure as the _____________ except ________ temple, tabernacle, bigger
there is a _______ in the front; in front of this are ________ and ________ porch, Boaz, Jachin
Boaz means ________, and Jachin means _________________: these 2 things are pillars stregth, uprightness
interior is richly decortated: either ________ or inset w/ _________: also has _________ carved, jewels, motifs/themes
the temple is one of the _______ buildings in ancient history finest
God promises he will _______ in it dwell
It took ___ yrs. to build: this says s/t about how much _______ was put into it 7, work
the temple was built on ___ ________ and David also built other ___________ there Mt. Moriah, buildings
David also built ________ for __________ daughters palaces, Pharoah's
______ of __________ oversaw the projects Hiram, Naphtalie
Hiram of _________ knew architecture, under Hiram of ___________ authority Phoencia, Naphtalie
when the temple was finished, there was a ____________ of _____________ ceremony, dedication
the ___ of ___ was taken to the temple= ____ filled the temple at the moment this entered A of C, God
Solomon also gives a _________ at this ceremony speech
________ ________ is the longest prayer in the Bible Solomon's Prayer
It tells that the _______ of God filled the temple glory
It tells that God's ________ delivered the Israelites from _________ grace, Egypt
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