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Ch26 Age of Progress

Democracy, Self Rule, US Expansion/Crisis, and Progress

What did the Charter of 1838 petition for? suffrage for all men and parliamentary elections held annually
Who were the Communards? supporters of a radical government in France
What was Captain Dreyfus accused of? selling military secrets
What was a dominion? a country that was self-governing domestically, but still part of the British Empire (Canada, Australia)
Why did Britain establish a penal colony in Australia? to relieve overcrowding in English prisons
Which country was the destination of most immigrants during the Great Famine in Ireland? the United States
How was most of the territory west of Texas acquired by the US? the Mexican-American War
Which American inventor made factory production more efficient with the assembly line? Henry Ford
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? it declared states in Confederate states free
What was the theory of evolution based on? natural selection has led to the variety of plants and animals not creation
Where are most of Australia's major cities located? near the coasts
Before 1832 Reform Act, who were the only British citizens who could vote? owners of large landholdings
What were two political reforms that arose in Great Britain by 1900? the secret ballot, working-men voting rights, and parliament were paid a salary
Which two american women made women's rights declarations based on the Declaration of Independence Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Which form of government did France adopt in 1875 following years of turmoil?a a Republic
Which two lands did Captain Cook claim for Great Britain in 1770? Australia and New Zealand
What political reforms occurred in New Zealand in 1893? women's suffrage
What US policy led to the "Trail of Tears"? the Indian Removal Act of 1830
What event provoked the Southern States to try to succeed from the U.S.? the election of Abraham Lincoln, cause they believed he was anti-slavery
What important discovery did Louis Pasteur make? He found that bacteria caused diseases
After the democratic reforms in England, where did political power shift to? to the elected House of Commons
What was one tactic used by women during their hunger strike? some women went on hunger strikes to protest the lack of vote
What did the cultural conflict between England and France lead to? the abolition of slavery in half of Canada, war between England & France, and Native American rights
Why did Australia & New Zealand want to become dominions of Britain rather than being independent? they wanted the protection of the British Empire
what does Manifest Destiny mean? Americans had the right and duty to rule North America from coast to coast
What impact did the War of 1812 have on the US economy? the British blockade made the US become self sufficient in producing its own goods
What impact did the Civil War have on the US economy? the war speeded up the pace of industrialization
What were two causes of "Mass Culture"? public education, the shorter ten-hour workday
What was emancipation? the freeing of the southern slaves by Abraham Lincoln
What does segregation mean? the separation of whites and blacks in society
What effects did the major inventions have on the 19th century? the car, the telephone, and electricity made life easier for everyone
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