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ch.13 WHO2012

William the Conqueror (1066-1087) cousin of Edward the Confessor - duke of Normandy - related to the King of England
Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204) - married Louis VII - getsdivorce - marries Henry II - has Richard and John
H.R.E. Otto I (king 936-973; H.R.E. 962-973) - Founding of the empire (962) - Germany would be called Holy Roman Empire - becomes hero for Germans, pushes Hungarians out of Germany - pope names him Holy Roman Emperor
Capetian dynasty (France) Hugh Capet (987-996) - Robert the Pious(996-1031) - Henry I (1031 - 1060) - Philip I (1060-1108) - fighters, ambitious, wanted to expand - the most important Capetian king, Philip II Augustus (1180 - 1223)
Edward the Confessor canonized (made saint) - the last Anglo-Saxon king
Richard the Lionhearted Crusades (Third Crusade) - favorite child of Eleanor - became King of England
King John very unpopular - wanted to be like his father - absolutemonarch - forced to sign Magna Carta - discredited after the battle of Bovines
Magna Carta - nobles forced John to signed a document that said he was not an absolute monarch - group of nobles ruled along side the king - evolved into parliament - constitutionalmonarchy - changed English history
Battle of Bovines John fighting against Philip II, Augustus of France - fought over land in France that England claimed - John lost the battle
College of Cardinals Pope Urban II created the College of Cardinals - reform of how a pope is made
The Crusades expedition of roman catholics to take back Israel from the Muslims - wanted to liberate them - peasants got props for joining (respect, honor, etc.)
Created by: burdeshawgirl