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Ch. 12 WOH2012

What were the 3 Heirs of Rome 1) Byzantine Empire (eastern Rome) 2) Islam (a good portion of the Roman empire taken over by Muslims) 3) Western Christian Europe (Franks and the Anglo-Saxon)
When was the Fall of the Western Roman Empire” 476
Sack of Rome by Visigoths 410
where did the Visigoths, Franks & Anglo-Saxons settle Visigoths (spain) Franks (central Europe) Anglo-Saxons (Britain)
conversion of the Salvs - during the 800’s the emperor said they should bring the gospel to the Slavs - to convert, you have to be able to bring them a bible in their language - two missionaries, Cyril and Methodius invented an alphabet
Hijra 622 Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina
Shiites believe Ali should have been caliph
Sunnites believe successors should have been caliph
Umayyad Dynasty Damascus capital
Abbasid Dynasty Baghdad capital
Charlemagne son of Pepin - ruled as king of the Franks - crowned emperor in 800 by Pope - “Holy Roman Emperor” - zealous for Christianity - capital is Aachen, brought in scholars - after his son died, the kingdom was divided 3way
Charles Martel (Mayor of the Palace) meansCharles the Hammer - military leader, general, politician, leader - 732 Battle of Tours (why Charles Martel was important) - victory for Charles Martel - becomes famous, doesn't become king though
Created by: burdeshawgirl