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Ch.9 WOH2012

patricians - upper class - from who can be in the senate - drive the culture
plebeians the common people, lower class
consuls - carried out the will of the senate - have to be elected - two consuls run the state - executive branch of the Roman government
Law of the 12 Tables - began their republic with this set of laws - middle 200’s Romans were able to dominate most of Italy
Punic Wars (1 - 264-241; 2 - 218-202; 3 - 149-146 BC) - three wars fought between Rome and Carthage - 3rd century for first two wars, 2nd century for last war - Carthaginians wanted to colonize Sicily, Rome didn’t want Carthage so close - Rome didn’t use navy until this war, - Romans won first Punic war
Scipio Africanus hero for the Romans during second Punic war - challengesHannibalatCarthage - Battle of Zama
Battle of Zama - decisive battle of second Punic war Third Punic war was Rome going over and destroying Carthage.
Macedonian Wars four Macedonian wars - Rome and Greece - two wars in 3rd century, one in 2nd century - Rome went over to Greece/Macedonia and took over
Julius Ceasar great roman general - administrator, consul - 45 BC, made dictator for life by roman senate
First Triumvirate (Caesar, Pompey, Crassus) Means three men rulers - Caesar and Pompey are generals, Crassus is a wealthy sponsor - Caesar and Pompey fight, both are ambitious - Caesar wins, Pompey flees - pursues Pompey to Egypt - meetsCleopatra
Second Triumvirate (Octavian, Marc Antony, Lepidus) push Lepidus out, weakest of three - fighting between Marc Antony and Octavian - most powerful people in Rome
Battle of Actium - battle on the sea off the coast of Greece - Antony and Cleopatra together fighting against Octavian - lasted about ten hours, ships of Antony and Cleopatra defeated - decided the fate of Rome, Octavian emerges as the most powerful general
Augustus (r. 27 BC - AD 14) Octavian renames himself, Augustus Caesar - imperator, means commander, general - called himself princeps civitatis, first citizen of the state - beginning of the Roman Empire
Pax Romana - roman peace - 200 years when Rome had no civil war - Rome was peaceful in internal terms
Julio-Claudian dynasty Augustus - Tiberius - Gaius (Caligula), known for erratic, strange, mental problems, bipolar, waged war with Poseidon, made his horse a senator - Claudius - believe that they are descended from goddess Venus
Claudius (r. 41 - 54) speech impediment, pushed away from the throne, embarrassment at first - about 55 years old - good emperor and leader, very bright man - engineered Roman invasion of Britain - unnatural death, poisoned by his wife
Nero son of Claudius - massive persecution of Christians - possibly started fire in Rome - everyone hated him, killed himself in 68 - last of Julio-Claudian emperors
The Nature of the Universe - Lucretius - latin poem, meant to teach philosophy of epicureanism - seek pleasure, avoid pain
The Meditations written by Marcus Aurelius - stoicphilosopher - book is personal reflection of his philosophy
Big 3 historians Horace, Ovid, Catullus (1st century BC) - latin histories - Ovid, wrote Metamorphosis and the Art of Love - Horace, wrote about friendship and wine
Virgil Aeneas, Trojan hero of story in the Aeneid - wrote story of the founding of Rome, starting with Trojan War - long epic poem
Constantine - became caesar in the west - rival against Maxentius for augustus in the west - battle of the Milvian bridge 312 used cross on shields - 324 he is emperor of entire empire - founded Constantinople (Byzantium, or Nova Roma, New Rome)
Hadrian - Romewasatitsgreatestextent - Hadrian wall in Britain (tried to keep Scotland out)
Commodus - incompetentking - son of Marcus Aurelius - after him, king every 3-4 years, generals fought for power
Diocletian (r. 284 - 305) reorganize the Roman government - drew line between Italy and Greece - Eastern and Western Roman Empire - called tetrarchy; augustus, caesar (two in east and west) - brought some order into the chaos - RETIRED, and co-emperor retired as well
How far east into Europe did the Roman empire extend? The Rhine and Danube.
Created by: burdeshawgirl