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6th Gr. Social St.

Chapter 5 Test Review

India's society is organized into social classes based on a person's __________. Ancestry
In Bhutan most of the people are ________________. Subsistence Farmers
Bangladesh's 2 major rivers are the _________ and the ____________. Brahmaputra and Ganges
India is the world's second-largest producer of what crop? Rice
What country of South Asia was once called the Hidden Holy Land? Bhutan
WHat is the name of the group in Nepal know for its skill in guiding mountain climbers? Sherpas
In 1943, India suffered the world's worst food disaster. What was it called? The Bengal Famine
In Pakistan, people us Sindhi and Punjabi as their ___________? major languages
Why do Pakistan and India want to control Kashmir? Because of its vast water supply
What is the major religion in Pakistan and Bangladesh? Islam
What group in Indiais seeking its own independent state? The Sikhs
Bhutan got its name from..... The harsh mountain storms that are common there. The name in the local language means "land of the thunder dragon."
What are cottage industries? A home or village based industry in which family members supply their own equipment to make goods.
Sri Lanks's two major ethnic groups are the __________ and the _________. Sinhalese and Tamils
Mt. Everest lies in what country? Nepal
In 1947, India won its independence from which country? Great Britain (United Kingdom)
Sri Lanka lies on an important ocean shipping route between ________ and ________. Africa and Asia
The Himalaya and the Karakoram Range separate South Asia from ___________________. The rest of Asia.
What is the capital of Pakistan? Islamabad
What is the largest city and seaport in Pakistan? Karachi
What is the Mogul Empire? A muslim empire that ruled India for 200 years
Why is Bhutan known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon?" Because thunder is associated with dragons roaring, and there are many violent mountain storms in Bhutan.
What is the Green Revolution? An effort by the Indian government to increase food production by using modern technology.
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