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French Revolution

Prior to the French revolution, France was separated into: estates
1st estate was clergy
2nd estate was nobles
3rd estate was bourgeoisie and peasants
French Revolution was inspired by the American revolution and the Enlightenment
The king during the revolution was King Louis the 16th
French people disliked the royal family because they spent a lot of money and didn't seem connected to the people
The estates-general was: the lawmaking body of France
When the estates general asked for all men to be able to vote declined to allow all men to vote because the 3rd estate had the most men
Some causes of the French Revolution were: high taxes, the 3rd estate was underrepresented, weak and extravagant king
The 3rd estate withdrew from the estates-general to form the national assembly
The estates-general then shut out the national assembly and the they wrote their own constitution called Tennis Court Oath
Peasants who were angry and fed up stormed the ___ officially beginning the French Revolution Bastille
The Reign of Terror was a violent period during the revolution led by Robespierre
How did Robespierre "protect" the revolution? He killed anyone who he believed was "an enemy of the revolution"
When people decided Robespierre was too radical he was: executed
After the reign of terror, France was ruled by a group of men called: The Directory
After the Directory, who took control of France and named himself emperor? Napoleon Bonaparte
Name something Napoleon did to help France improved banking system, removed corrupt government officials, set up a fair tax system, improved relationship with the Catholic Church
Created by: cassandra_lock