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Bacterial Growth Requirements and Gram Staining

What ingredient converts liquid to solid medium? Agar
Selective Media Inhibits growth of certain organisms and permits growth of others
Differential Media Gives colonies of a particular organism a distinct appearance (makes them all look different)
Enrichment Media Contains complexed materials that certain fastidious organisms require to grow
Nutritive Media Grows a wide number of bacteria
Bacterial Colony Macroscopic growth
Streak Plate Method Isolated Colonies
Pure Culture Single Species or kind
Crystal Violet Primary stain (applied first)
Iodine Mordant
Acetone/Alcohol Decolorizer
Safranin Counter Stain
What color is Gram Stain Purple--resist decolorization and keep the primary stain
What color is Gram Negative Red--Easily decolorized - take up counter stain
What do the first and second names of microbes denote Genus Species
How are the first and second names written Genus - Capital Species - lower
What are characteristics that bacterial cells have in common Rigid cell wall,Flagella, Unicellular, Binary Fission, DNA & RNA
Describe - Cell Wall Varies in composition, accounts for different Gram stain
Describe - Plasma Membrane Regulates passage of material in and out of cell walls
Describe - Nucleoid Genetic mat'l - DNA & RNA
Describe - Capsule Sticky, gummy6 envelope secreted by some bacteria. Protects from phagocytosis
Describe - Flagella Aids in locomotion (movement)
Describe Spore/Endospore Thick wall, oval body resistant to (adverse conditions) killing or being killed
Define - Aerobe (Humans) - will grow in the presence of free oxygen
Describe - Anaerobe (Fish) - cannot grow in the presence of free oxygen (cannot tolerate)
Describe Facultative Anaerobe Basically an aerobe but can grow in the absence of free oxygen (survive a wide range of conditions - hard to kill off)
Define - Obligate Anaerobe Can grow only in the complete absence of free oxygen (very difficult to grow - fussy)
What pH is best for bacterial growth pH 7 - can tolerate a narrow range from 6 - 8
What is the best time to use bacterial cultures for lab studies` 18 - 24 hours
What are exotoxins Exit - some bacteria make poison called toxins
What are endotoxins Release when the cell is destroyed, because they are bound to the cell wall
What is the Gram reaction of bacteria that produce exotoxins? Gram Positive - Diptheria, Tetnas, Gangreen
What is the Gram reaction of bacteria that produce endotoxins? Gram Negative - Salmonella, Cholera
Exotoxins Gram Positive
Endotoxins Gram Negative
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