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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology Chapters 9-10 12-15

Alveol/o Air sac/alveolus
Laryng/o Voice box/ larynx
pharyng/o throat,pharynx
pleur/o pleura,rib
thorac/o chest,throat
trache/o windpipe
eu- normal, good
-capnia condition of carbon- dioxide
-oxia condition of oxygen
-phonia condition of sound or voice
-pnea breath
-ptysis to cough up
-staxis dripping
atel/o incomplete
glott/o opening into the windpipe
tubercul/o little swelling
dilat/o to widen
spir/o breathe
An/o anus
chol/e bile/gall
dent/o teeth
enter/o small intestine
gingiv/o gum
proct/o rectum or anus
rect/o rectum
halit/o breath
steat/o fat
orex/o appetite
pept.o digestion
polyp/o small growth
volv/o to roll
cheil/o lip
cholecyst/o gall bladder
fec/o feces
balan/o glans penis
cyes/o pregnancy
fet/o fetus
gravid/o pregnancy
mamm/o breast
men/o month, menstruation
orchi/o testis
pen/o penis
colp/o vagina
cyst/o bladder,sac
hyster/o uterus
oophor/o ovary
ovar/o ovary
salping/o trupet
vagin/o sheath , vagina
vulv/o vulva
gyn/o women
abort/o miscarry
obstetr/o midwife
cerebell/o little brain,cerebellum
cerebro/o brain,cerebrum
mening/i membrane
phren/o mind
radic/o nerve root
schiz/o to divide, split
-mania madness, frenzy
-phobia fear
blephar/o eyelid
conjunctiv/o to bind together, conjunctiva
dacry/o tear
ir/o iris
ocul/o eye
ophthalm/o eyes
opt/o eye
ot/o ear
retin/o retina
cor/o pupil
-opia condition of vision
-ptosis drooping
audi/o hearing
labyrinth/o maze inner ear
mastoid/o resembling a breast
myring/o membrane, eardrum
tympan/o eardrum
adren/o gland
crin/o to secrete
gonad/o sex gland
hormone/o to set in motion
thyr/o shield, thyroid
acr/o extremity
dips/o thirst
hirstu/o hairy
CVA Cerebrovacular Accident-> Stroke
EKG Electrocardiogram
IDDM Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
NPO nothing by mouth
OD Right Eye
OS left eye
OU both eyes
PA Physician's Assistant
PNS Peripheral nervous system
po orally
PSA prostate- specific antigen
qid four times a day
qn every night
qod every other day
ROM range of motion
Stat immediately
subq subcutaneous
tid three times a day
UTI urinary tract infection
VS Vital signs
ALS Amyotrophic laterals derosis
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