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Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution Quiz

6 causes of the Russian Revolution Unequal distribution of wealth Industrialization did not reach Russia Widespread suffering of the Russian people Casualties in WWI Return of Lenin Nicholas II's Weak leadership
Made the Romanov Dynasty and tried to modernize Russia Peter the Great
Czar of Russia who eventually abdicated the throne and was later murdered by revolutionaries Nicholas II
Mystical healer who held tremendous influence over the Romanov royal family Rasputin
Revolutionary group who wanted industry and a large working class before starting a revolution Mensheviks
Revolutionary group who wanted to begin a revolution immediately Bolsheviks
Group started by the industries of Russia to hear the problems of workers Soviets
Series of reforms made by Nicholas II in order to attempt to avoid revolution October Manifesto
Leader of the Provisional Government Alexander Kerenski
Bolshevik leader of the Russian Revolution Vladimir Lenin
Slogan for the Bolsheviks Peace, Land, and Bread
Bolshevik Revolution Bolsheviks overthrow the current government and gain power over Russian government
Treaty signed with Germany that allowed Russia to pull out of WWI Treaty of Brest Litovsk
Lenin's economic policy to fix the economic challenges of Russia New Economic Policy
Created by: argrant1215