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Carnegie Pharm

study notes pharmacokinetics quiz spring 2015

what is competitive antagonism? when an agonist and antagonist complete compete for the same site. Agonist binds more tightly than the antagonist, antagonist action will be weak.if antagonistfinds more tightly than the agonist the antagonist action will be stronger.
List an example of competitive antagonism:
explain paradoxical reaction unexpected, excessive or opposite result response
list An example of paradoxical reaction paradoxical reaction to Valium agitation instead of sedation sometimes seen in elderly people
what is synergy? Enhanced pharmacologic response from simultaneous use of two drugs
example of synergism: valium and dilaudid, sedative makes you relax
explain role of first pass metabolism Drug administered orally, travels through small intestine, most is absorbed by passive diffusion
Explain CYP 450 Pathway compounds and grapefruit juice inhibit cyp3a4 an enzyme in the CYP 450 family may decrease biotransformation of calcium channel blockers are statin drugs and result in overdosing. effective grapefruit juice can last up to 72 hours
explain second messenger cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) causes changes in intracellular function. water soluble drugs depend on second messengers like cAMP for their action
Created by: ICVT2b