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Chapter14 StudyStack

What physical features can be show in the continent of Europe? Like a huge peninsula
What type of climates does Europe have? It has a Miterranian climate its hot during the summer and raining during the winter
What did Christianity teach about the nature of humans? It is believe that humans are sinful and weak and could only be cleansed of being a member of the roman Catholic Church
How did Christianity spread across Europe? It spread because of monks and nuns that live in converts
What were some common duties for monks and nuns? There common duties were studying the bible,doing prayer,gardening and caring for the sick and the poor
What were the three most important Frankish leader? Charles Matel,Pepin the short,and Charlemagne
When did Pope Gregory the first send monks to England? In 597
When didCharlemage became king? In 768
When did the the franchish first have control of France and Germany? In 530
The Vikings stacked Europe on wat year? 900s
What were the reason why Vikings attacked Europe? They wanted loot more land and a better climate
How many society levels were there in Europe? Fourteen those four are 1st the king,2nd is the nobles and the churchmen,3rd is the Knights,and 4th are peasant farmers
What were two jobs the lady of the manor did? Run the household and run the castle when the king is away
Created by: Alana788