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carnegie practice quiz pharmacokinetics 1-10

Cimetidine/ tagamet interferes with the cytochrome p450 enzyme pathway, imparing the body's ability to detoxify drugs. This adverse effect would be considered: Hapatotoxic
Repeated doses of Heparin can cause Heparin induced thrombocytopenia.this adverse effect would be considered Hematologic
Repeated doses of Valium given in rapid succession can add up to a dangerous level of over sedation. This "stacking" is a/an Cumulative effect
"Dig toxicity" is a constant concern with digitalis because digitalis : Has a narrow theraputic index
A severe allergic reaction involving more than one organ system is: Anaphylaxis
What type of drug interactions indicate that one medication may reverse the effect another antagonistic
What type of drugs are often bound to HCL in order to administer them intravenously Lipid soluble drugs
Drugs that block ion channels (such as calcium channel blockers) work by: Alteration of cell membrane permeability
ED50= The dose of a drug that provides 50% of the optimal response
LD50/ED50= TI
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