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History Chapter 19

________ was the movement to end slavery in the United States abolitionism
The process invented by Henry Cort to produce high quality iron is called __________ puddling
Obedience to political authority, emphasis on organized religion maintain the social order and resistance to ideas of individual rights and representative government are the characteristics of ______________ conservatism
Before the Industrial Revolution, goods were often produced by individuals working in their own homes, a method known as the _____ ________ cottage industry
Louis-Napoleon became president when 97% of the ________ responded with a yes vote plebiscite
A system in which society and not individuals owns the means of production is called __________ socialism
The production of _______ cloth was one of the first industries to be effected by the Industrial Revolution cotton
The factory created a new labor system in which workers had to work _______ hours and do the same work over and over regular
By 1840, Britain's most valuable product was______ ________ cotton cloth
Prince Klemens von Metternich's claim that he was guided by the principle of legitimacy meant lawful _________ from the royal families that had ruled before Napoleon would be restored to power monarchs
Otto von Bismarck practiced realpolitik, which was a theory of politics based on _______ matters rather than theory or ethics practical
The formation of the Confederate Stated of America was sparked by the election of _______ ________ as president of the United States Abraham Lincoln
___________ emphasized feelings and imagination as sources of knowing romanticism
According to Darwin, ______ ________ was central to organic evolution natural selection
The British novelist Charles Dickens became very successful with his _______ novels focusing on the lower and middle classes in Britain realistic
______ _____ developed a stem engine that could drive macinery James Watt
The _____ _______ was crucial to Britain's Industrial Revolution steam engine
The social change brought about by the Industrial Revolution was evident in the emergence of the ______ class and the working class middle
The pitiful conditions created by the Industrial Revolution gave rise to socialism, in which _______ owns and controls the means of production society
According to the principle of intervention, the great powers of Europe had the right to send armies into countries where there were ________ in order to restore legitimate monarchs to power revolutions
The effect of the Crimean War was to destroy the _______ __ _______ and leave Austria without friends among the great powers Concert of Europe
_______ _______ built the fist paddle-wheel steamboat Robert Fulton
________ __ ____ established the Austro-Hungarian Empire Compromise of 1867
Industrial _________ economic system based on industrial production capitalism
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